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admire (one) for

To form a positive opinion of someone for a particular quality or attribute. George admired Jenna for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I admire Mother Teresa for her unwavering devotion to the poor.
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admire to

To want to do something. Of course, George! I would admire to go to the dance with you.
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admire someone for something

to have a positive feeling toward someone because of something. I really admire you for your courage.
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admire to do something

Rur. to want to do something, to be happy to do something. He asked her to the dance. She said she would admire to go with him.
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WHEN people talk admiringly of Georgian England they usually mean beautiful houses in elegant Bath.
That lawsuit typifies the "civil rights" vision expressed by Gilbert Casellas, the first Clinton-era chairman of the EEOC, who admiringly spoke of the IRS's ability to terrorize taxpayers with a phone call.
Gwyn is beautiful and into boys, sex, and the wild side while Dimple looks on admiringly.
Stone's films, Hamburg writes admiringly, "come from one man's vision.
KEVIN KEEGAN's World Cup dream was rudely interrupted by a split- second of German opportunism, but he will watch on admiringly as Paulo Wanchope makes the trek east with Costa Rica.
As the Greek philosopher Aristides (arr-uh-STEYE-DEEZ) said admiringly of Rome, "The whole civilized world lays down the arms [weapons] which were its ancient burden .
10 approvingly, and write admiringly of Madison, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Lincoln.
One longtime woman friend admiringly shared that Laura likes to relax by taking books off shelves and Cloroxing the cabinets.
The opening ceremonies had been spectacular, the games were going well, and the world watched admiringly.
Although Bernardino knew and was discussed admiringly by a number of humanists, his sermon content and the "everyday world, interior and exterior, of the masses of citizenry was conducted pretty much along the lines that had been long drawn in the medieval past" (Mormando, 233).
As one contemporary French observer remarked admiringly, "women produce metal parts as they do sweaters.
These "public" saints serve as role models, to use a fashionable term, who are invaluable for us even though they stand as mountains that we can never ascend, only gaze at admiringly.
His great contributions in founding a new tradition of Hindi prose were recognized even in his short lifetime, and he was admiringly called Bharatendu ("Moon of India").
Before the opening of MacCormac Jamieson Prichard's new Garden Quadrangle, St John's most recent addition was Arup Associates' 1976 residences -- later admiringly described by Richard MacCormac as 'architecture like cabinet work with the glazing contained within the masonry structure'.