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admire (one) for (something)

To form a positive opinion of someone for a particular quality or attribute. George admired Jenna for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I admire Mother Teresa for her unwavering devotion to the poor.
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admire to (do something)

To want to do something. Of course, George! I would admire to go to the dance with you.
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admire someone for something

to have a positive feeling toward someone because of something. I really admire you for your courage.
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admire to do something

Rur. to want to do something, to be happy to do something. He asked her to the dance. She said she would admire to go with him.
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MASSIVE FAN McLeish (inset) is big admirer of Davis (above) DECISION TIME..
While it is hard to disagree with Yve-Alain Bois's contention that Barnett Newman has been ill-served by both his critics and his admirers ["Here to There and Back," March], I do want to take issue with his categorical dismissal of the importance of the Kabbalah in Newman's work.
Record Sport can also reveal German side Nurnberg - long-time admirers of Riordan - will make a move when the window opens.
Gullit is an admirer of Nigerian striker Nwanko Kanu who is currently struggling to command a starting place at Inter.
The Spaniards also want a keeper with Guardiola an admirer of Arsenal's Wojciech Szczesny.
Somewhere in the course of canvassing, Sirena got a surprise when she received an email from a secret admirer who promised her his number one vote.
Monaco manager Didier Deschamps is a huge admirer of the former Barcelona kid.
Elizabeth Anscombe was a close friend and admirer of Ludwig Wittgenstein, one of the leading philosophers of the 20th century, and she translated and edited many of his writings.
A MAJOR bomb alert was launched after a secret admirer posted a box of chocolates to a job centre worker.
I'm an admirer, always was, of Wilson and I'm an admirer of Callaghan."
THOMAS GRAVESEN added an unlikely admirer to his fan club this week.
The work brings to light an additional artistic side of Montalvo, who is not only an admirer of Marcel Duchamp but was also a student of applied arts and architecture before he discovered choreography.
Kop boss Benitez is a big admirer of the Manchester City right winger and is desperately searching for pace to strengthen his squad this summer.
Honoria is a seriously interested scientist, unlike her friends Elias and Shohei, and she also is quite interested in the anonymous e-mails she is getting from an admirer.
Schmitz had agreed to appear on the confrontational show to meet his secret admirer.