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admire (one) for (something)

To form a positive opinion of someone for a particular quality or attribute. George admired Jenna for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I admire Mother Teresa for her unwavering devotion to the poor.
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admire to (do something)

To want to do something. Of course, George! I would admire to go to the dance with you.
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admire someone for something

to have a positive feeling toward someone because of something. I really admire you for your courage.
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admire to do something

Rur. to want to do something, to be happy to do something. He asked her to the dance. She said she would admire to go with him.
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Britain's Most Admired Companies is the UK's longest running and more respected business award scheme.
In light of the challenging economic environment still facing companies worldwide, we recently examined the responses of the Most Admired companies and their peers to economic uncertainty.
In addition to its America's Most Admired distinction, SBC has been named the World's Most Admired Telecommunications Company in FORTUNE's international edition.
We culled the top companies by sector from the ranks of the most admired as determined by the premier local publications in their respective markets: Carta Capital, Expansion, Inversiones, Clarin, Dinero and Chilean survey group Adimark.
Fred has a style I've always admired. The guy can write.
"From the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin to the magnificent white oak that Frederick Douglass admired tram his home at Cedar till in Southeast, the trees in the city are an integral port of our landscape, our history, and oar identity as the City of Trees," Williams says.
What makes a company most admired? The amount of revenue it generates is of great importance, of course, but there are other considerations, as well -- everything from its innovation to its community involvement.
Savonarola is remembered as the severe moralist who burned Botticelli's paintings because nude women appeared in them; but Venchi points out that Michelangelo admired him, and that Raphael (now "Blessed" Raphael) painted him in a mural in the Vatican.
* College students were asked who was the one person they most admired. Twenty-three percent of men said their father, 7 percent said their mother, and 8 percent indicated both parents were the people they most admired.
I admired her for her generosity of heart, and for her stoicism, in the face of suffering.
Though it is almost 40 years later, and the cast of characters has changed, and Homer Bigart and Johnny Popham have been replaced by men and women who were not even born at the time of that Mississippi summer, Murray remains in many ways the same figure he was then: elegant, graceful, admired by his peers (even though they are 40 years younger than the peers who once admired him) not just for the craftsmanship of his work, the high literary and reportorial quality of it, but also for his conduct as a professional, his unfailing courtesy and generosity to those around him, particularly those who are younger.
The Most Admired Leaders Are Straight Shooters and Take Ownership of Their Mistakes
Auto Business News-March 1, 2019--Fortune Magazine adds Lear Corporation to World's Most Admired Companies list
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LAHORE: Pakistani Nobel Laureate and education activist Malala Yousufzai and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan are among the world's most admired people in 2018, according to an annual study compiled by YouGov.Malala is the seventh most admired woman while Imran was number 20 among the most admired men in the world.