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admire (one) for

To form a positive opinion of someone for a particular quality or attribute. George admired Jenna for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I admire Mother Teresa for her unwavering devotion to the poor.
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admire to

To want to do something. Of course, George! I would admire to go to the dance with you.
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admire someone for something

to have a positive feeling toward someone because of something. I really admire you for your courage.
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admire to do something

Rur. to want to do something, to be happy to do something. He asked her to the dance. She said she would admire to go with him.
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We admire the people who resisted oppression with their bodies and minds, their reputations and bank accounts, their creativity and love, their homes, their time, their livelihoods, their lives.
Melbourne Cup entries, page 78 CONNECTIONS of Emirates Melbourne Cup topweight Admire Rakti looked on anxiously as he was attacked by a stablemate in a bizarre incident at Werribee quarantine station yesterday morning.
I deeply admire that capacity for giving expressed by women who devote a large part of their lives to this task.
Jockey Zac Purton, the rider of Admire Rakti, said that he felt something was wrong with the horse 800 metres from the finish line.
The man I admire most is my uncle because he builds homes and cars too.
A tearful Kondo, who could target Admire Jupiter at the Melbourne Cup, said: "I really wanted to win this race, no matter what.
Admire faces a life sentence and will serve a minimum of 25 years without the possibility of parole or early release, Judge Charles Carlson said.
A woman I admire is Amelia Earhart because she is a strong fighter who only wanted to have the right to fly with her strong heart and imagination.
ADMIRE AURA made it four wins from nine starts yesterday when finishing strongly to beat 15 rivals in the Grade 2 Kyoto Kinen.
No known problems existed between 66-year-old Christine Joanne Admire and her son, Blake Leon Admire, 43, relatives said.
2) When it comes to Kelly's sculpture, particularly the stelae that I admire most of all, the same concern for exact values prevails.
In 1946, Gallup first asked Americans to name, without prompting, the person they most admire living in any part of the world.
Blake Leon Admire fired more than one shot at his 66-year-old mother, Christine Joanne Admire, in the Alvadore mobile home they shared, Lane County sheriff's Sgt.
THE Futurity Stakes, the race regarded as Japan's two-year-old championship, was won yesterday by Admire Don, writes Andrew Adams.