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admire (one) for

To form a positive opinion of someone for a particular quality or attribute. George admired Jenna for her ability to remain calm in stressful situations. I admire Mother Teresa for her unwavering devotion to the poor.
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admire to

To want to do something. Of course, George! I would admire to go to the dance with you.
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admire someone for something

to have a positive feeling toward someone because of something. I really admire you for your courage.
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admire to do something

Rur. to want to do something, to be happy to do something. He asked her to the dance. She said she would admire to go with him.
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References in classic literature ?
Your Ladyship does not admire the beauties of Nature," Miss Pink remarked, with a compassionate smile.
Hardyman admires Isabel; he owned it to me himself in so many words.
she exclaimed, "is it possible you don't know that when a man admires a women he doesn't stop there?
If we admire the truly wonderful power of scent by which the males of many insects find their females, can we admire the production for this single purpose of thousands of drones, which are utterly useless to the community for any other end, and which are ultimately slaughtered by their industrious and sterile sisters?
I learned from Werter's imaginations despondency and gloom, but Plutarch taught me high thoughts; he elevated me above the wretched sphere of my own reflections, to admire and love the heroes of past ages.
Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred.
Why, dear Maggie," she interposed, "you have always pretended that you are too fond of being admired; and now, I think, you are angry because some one ventures to admire you.
It was perfectly natural and safe to admire beauty and enjoy looking at it,--at least under such circumstances as the present.
And one admires that sort of action in Kenn all the more," said Stephen, "because his manners in general are rather cold and severe.
Besides Admire Rakti, winner of the Caulfield Cup in October, another horse, Araldo, is fighting for its life, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
CONNECTIONS of Emirates Melbourne Cup topweight Admire Rakti looked on anxiously as he was attacked by a stablemate in a bizarre incident at Werribee quarantine station yesterday morning.
Aite Group asked executives about vendors they admire as well as those they currently use to indicate future purchase intent.
Because I admire Sandy Koufax, I hope Dodgers management is wise enough not to try.
I admire her attitude, and I think it's great you always have The View From Here section.
Ionce heard it said of a man that he didn't admire anyone.