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administer (something) to (one)

1. To provide something to one, usually a form of care or help. The organization held a fundraiser so that they could administer aid to the poor.
2. To inject or deliver something to one, such as medication. The doctor administered the flu shot to his patient.
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administer something to someone (or an animal)

to present or apply something to a person or an animal. The vet administered the drug to the cow.
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Reviewed firms also will provide written representations concerning the information they give to peer reviewers and administering entities.
To illustrate this analogy, let us follow the phases of how a loan is originated and subsequently administered once the loan is funded, a process that is similar to procuring and administering a contract.
An interval of three to five minutes is necessary before administering another ophthalmic solution.
You want to make sure 100% of the income that your songs generate is included in the definition of "gross income." Publishers will often try to remove their 25% interest from that definition to avoid bearing any of the expenses of administering your catalog and collecting your royalties.
Although the Board supports the great majority of the provisions of S.650, there are three that cause us considerable concern: relaxing the standards for foreign banks operating in the United States to the extent proposed, loosening the terms for intraday credit for the Federal Home Loan Banks, and transferring authority for administering the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) to the Board.
According to Rinaldi, the Authority is administering the development of 21 of the 32 projects in New York City's $2.8 billion court construction program, and it also is managing the design and construction of over $2 billion of building and equipment programs for state and city university systems, and the NYS Health Department.
Read the medication label three times prior to administering the medication.
"Nobody who knows anything about housing wants to get involved with rent policy and get bogged down with administering a system that doesn't contribute to housing.
These findings are seeding doubts about the wisdom of administering the potent anti-estrogenic drug for years -- perhaps for life -- to healthy women.
RAWALPINDI -- Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Chaudary Muhammad Ali Randahwa Monday inaugurated the special anti-polio drive by administering polio drops to his son here at his residence.
Talking to reporter he said that in order to eliminate the polio virus completely High Risk Mobile Units(HRMU) have been setup at 63 entry and exit points of the city comprising 126 polio workers and nine supervisors who were administering polio drops to children upto five years.
About twenty-six thousand teams have been constituted, which will visit door to door to ensure administering anti-polio drops to the children.
Although the majority of health-care providers in these systems appear to be administering the vaccine as recommended, the findings in this report suggest that some infants are receiving their first dose of rotavirus vaccine outside of the ACIP-recommended schedule.
For example, a case can be made for administering dobutamine therapy in this way in patients with congestive heart failure unresponsive to oral medication.
In the April 19 SCIENCE, the researchers report that they found evidence of the human alpha 1-antitrypsin gene in the rat lungs for up to one week after administering in the solution.