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administer (something) to

1. To provide something to someone, usually a form of care or help. The organization held a fundraiser so that they could administer aid to the poor.
2. To inject or deliver something, such as medication. The doctor administered the flu shot to his patient.
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administer something to someone (or an animal)

to present or apply something to a person or an animal. The vet administered the drug to the cow.
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He administered an injection to Hamid who was brought there for the treatment of fever.
In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas, more than six point seven million children up to five years of age will be administered anti polio drops during the campaign.
Meanwhile over 1million children upto five year of age will be administered anti-polio drops in anti-polio campaign in 19 districts of Balochistan.
Two hours later, either 20 minutes of classical Swedish massage or a "sham massage" were administered.
Staff meds are administered from the health center and, generally, per request of the staff member.
We orally administered lead acetate (Fisher Chemical, Fairlawn, NJ) to the infant monkeys in a solution of Similac with iron formula (Abbott Laboratories, Columbus, OH) daily between 1430 and 1630 hr beginning on day 8 postpartum through age 26 weeks.
Among the factors that led to the court's conclusion were the fact that an individual, by virtue of state law, was unable to purchase the drugs and unable to direct how the drugs were administered.
When both a bronchodilator and mucolytic are ordered, the bronchodilator should be administered first to open the air passages.
During every shift of every day, a vast array of medications are administered to what may be hundreds of nursing home residents, most of whom take multiple medications.
The court programs being administered by the city itself include two under way in the Bronx and Queens; a project in the design stage which will start in 1998 in the Bronx; and five that will enter the design stage later this year, of which two each will be in the Bronx and Queens, and one in Brooklyn.
that if we administered it to a human it would work," says Crystal, a pulmonary researchers at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Md.
He said the medical staff made all-out efforts to make the anti-polio campaign a success, and thousands of children were administered polio drops.
Contract notice: Winter maintenance of lanes with cleaning pozimowym in stretches of regional roads administered by the board of regional roads in lodz with the division into tasks.