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administer (something) to (one)

1. To provide something to one, usually a form of care or help. The organization held a fundraiser so that they could administer aid to the poor.
2. To inject or deliver something to one, such as medication. The doctor administered the flu shot to his patient.
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administer something to someone (or an animal)

to present or apply something to a person or an animal. The vet administered the drug to the cow.
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Two grade levels of subjects were retested four months after completion of this study with the identical tests administered earlier.
In primary and secondary immune deficiencies, all inactive vaccines (recombinant, subunit, toxoid, polysaccharride, conjugated polysaccharide vaccines), conjugated pneumococcal (CPV), tetanus-diphteria-acellular pertussis- hemophilus influenza type B (Hib) -inactive polio (DTaB-Hib-IPV), inactive influenza, tetanus-diphteria-acellular pertussis-inactive polio (DTaB-IPV), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A)] can be administered in accordance with the child's vaccination schedule (1-4).
* Administer the first dose at age 6 through 14 weeks (maximum age:
Occasionally, in managing avian nursery collections, clients may administer parenteral drugs, as hospitalization may not be financially feasible, and round-the-clock feedings for multiple chicks may be too labor intensive for hospital staff.
Basically, a lifeguard must be an EMT or paramedic working under the auspices of a medical director at a hospital or a physician to be able to administer oxygen in Colorado and most other states.
One Missouri community college, Mineral Area College, administers ACT's Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) because it is more interested in measuring "institutional effectiveness" rather than what students have actually learned.
As other conferencing programs developed in Australasia, North America, Western Europe, and South Africa, consistent concerns were: "What agency should administer the program?" and "Who should convene conferences?" To those of us observing the day-to-day workings of the Wagga Model, however, the most interesting feature was not the set of administrative arrangements for the program but, rather, the process itself.
One answer may be found in the AICPA Council's announcement of a new voluntary membership organization--the Center for Public Company Audit Firms--which restructures and replaces SECPS and will administer a peer review program for member firms focusing on audits of nonpublic entities.
They believe that it would be easier to administer the program through the relatively small number of manufacturers vs.
We, on the other hand, occasionally hospitalize these children and administer intensive ear toilets with half-strength povidone iodine.
Suppose you're suffering terribly with terminal cancer and you allow your doctor to administer a powerful narcotic that kills you.
CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) and PEP (Proficiency Examination Program) administer exams in seventy-five subject areas that prove equivalent mastery of a subject area as if you had taken the class in a traditional manner.
"Production of influenza vaccine will continue through December, and providers should plan for how vaccine provided late in the season can be used effectively." Thus, vaccination providers who administer all of their available influenza vaccine supply early in the season and who still have unvaccinated high-risk patients should order additional vaccine that will become available in December.
To administer the same quality of care in a more cost-efficient manner, consider the following strategies:
According to Karen DeCoud, Merrill Lynch vice president and retirement plan manager, it costs an average of $800 to $1,500 per year to set up and administer a 401(k) plan for 20 employees or fewer.