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adjust (oneself/something) to

1. Of a person, to become familiar or comfortable with something, often a change in one's life. I know you're not thrilled with this new schedule, but can you please try to adjust yourself to it?
2. Of a thing, to modify something to fit or work properly with something else. We had to adjust the office layout to create space for the new employees.
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adjust (oneself) to someone or something

to make changes in one's opinion or attitude toward someone or something, such as a change in one's life or environment. Can't you adjust yourself to your new office?
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adjust something to something

to make something fit something else; to alter something to make it suitable for something else. The builder adjusted the plans for the new house to the requirements of the fire marshal.
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adjust to

1. To alter something to make it fit, accommodate, or match something else: We adjusted the radio to the frequency of the radio transmission.
2. To get used to something or someone: It took many years for me to adjust to the cold winters in Vermont.
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Auto claims adjusters experience work-related emotional stress due to the nature of their work.
The new law is designed to require disclosure of any relationships or referral fees between the adjusters and the contractor to avoid any inappropriate conflicts of interest.
A public adjuster can't get anything the man's not entitled to under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy," said Wes Baldwin of Charlotte, N.
Five years is too long to allow people to file claims," said Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, who is charge of licensing public adjusters.
The bill also requires that applicants have two years of specific, relevant experience; successfully complete accredited insurance courses; or have one year of employment as a public adjuster apprentice.
So this claims administrator was forthcoming about the strain placed on its adjuster load, but carriers seem a bit more reticent about any pressure experienced by their staff following in the hurricanes' wake.
The company expects the adjuster to work with the injured party or his or her attorney to obtain medical records, bills, and other relevant information.
Experienced outside recovery legal counsel to help coordinate all activities (especially inviting potentially responsible parties to retain adjusters to assess the property damage during their own investigations).
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This adjuster could be an employee of your insurance company, or an independent adjuster hired by your insurer.
Public adjusters do not work for insurance companies but rather directly for policyholders who hire the adjuster for a fee to work to settle their insurance claim.
Editor's Note: This is the third article in a six-part series on adjuster ethics.
The claims adjuster owes a duty to the insured to give at least as much consideration to the interests of the insured as to those of the insurance carrier.