adjust (oneself or something) to (something)

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adjust (oneself or something) to (something)

1. Of a person, to become familiar or comfortable with something, often a change in one's life. I know you're not thrilled with this new schedule, but can you please try to adjust yourself to it?
2. Of a thing, to modify something to fit or work properly with something else. We had to adjust the office layout to create space for the new employees.
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adjust (oneself) to someone or something

to make changes in one's opinion or attitude toward someone or something, such as a change in one's life or environment. Can't you adjust yourself to your new office?
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adjust something to something

to make something fit something else; to alter something to make it suitable for something else. The builder adjusted the plans for the new house to the requirements of the fire marshal.
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adjust to

1. To alter something to make it fit, accommodate, or match something else: We adjusted the radio to the frequency of the radio transmission.
2. To get used to something or someone: It took many years for me to adjust to the cold winters in Vermont.
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I'm trying to adjust myself to be an Opposition, but you know, it will take some time.
"I'm not saying it's bad, but [the old work ethic] isn't there, so I've really had to adjust myself to the new work ethic and the different ways the staff who come in today think than we did." He also said new staffers often want to know "how they fit into the mission" before they embark on a task--a trait he said seemed not as prevalent when he began his career.
" I still haven't been able to adjust myself to the whistles, hoots and racial slurs, which are hurled on us time and again,"
An idiot got too close and the Maxima's safety features beeped like mad which helped me quickly adjust myself to the situation.
Moreover (we were on a bike ride, I had the puncture kit, she had no means of escape) I am beginning to find work something of a challenge, too, as the 'lenses out' option, which previously allowed me to see the words on my laptop, has, of late, involved all sorts of distracting complications, as in order to see (lenses out) I have to adjust myself to precisely 37.4cm from the screen.
I don't just come in from the busy road outside and immediately adjust myself to a holy atmosphere.
"I need to adjust myself to that level of expectation.
Just for today, I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to make everything over to suit me.
I feel awkward a lot of times when meeting new people but try my best to adjust myself to the setting.
I had to adjust myself to it." When Cuthand went to normal school, he didn't do that well since his first language was Cree whereas others had English.
WHEN I ARRIVED from Brazil to start my studies in Canada, I felt ready to live in a new country and ready to adjust myself to a different food culture.
I did try going back to Japan but within months I found it very difficult to adjust myself to Japanese society.
"'How much do I want to adjust myself to fit in there?
King would still call on us to be "maladjusted." As he told people in Kansas, "I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few.