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adjourn for (something)

To temporarily end a meeting or gathering for a certain reason with the intent of continuing it at a later time. Since we were getting hungry, we decided to adjourn for lunch. We had to adjourn our staff meeting for an hour because somebody had accidentally double-booked the conference room. Let's adjourn for now and pick negotiations back up in the morning.
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adjourn to (some place)

To suspend a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it in another location. There was a mishap in scheduling for the conference room, so we had to adjourn to the cramped office next door and finish our meeting there. We're not discussing any sensitive information, so let's just adjourn to the cafeteria. It shouldn't be crowded at this hour. When the ceiling started leaking all of a sudden, we adjourned to Carrie's office.
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adjourn for

a time to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can take part in some other activity. We must adjourn for the day.
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adjourn to (some place)

to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can move to another place (where the meeting will be started again). We adjourned to the sitting room.
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Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury gave Adjournment Motion Notice in Lok Sabha over 'privatisation of airports'.
'This application for adjournment is the most frivolous one I have ever seen in my legal career.
Citing his stance in the adjournment motion Sana Baloch said, the mediatory tribunal of ICSID has placed rupees 5.97 billion dollars penalty on Government of Balochistan in Reko Case which has damaged Pakistan's image international but the judgement would impact on Balochistan's already faltering development progress,
The adjournment motion was submitted by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Member of Provincial Assembly Momina Touheed.
Seconding the motion, Senate Deputy Minority leader, Emmanuel Bwacha said the adjournment was appropriate, and the motion was adopted by the Senate President.
One of the adjournment motions, a copy of which is available with Dawn, stated that recent reports of cash withdrawal from the former military ruler Gen Musharraf's frozen bank accounts had raised serious doubts over the ongoing impartial accountability mantra of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government.
MPAs Khushdil Khan of ANP and Rehana Ismail of MMA moved two separate adjournment motions and criticized BRT project terming it a headache for the residents of Peshawar.
KP Assembly Speaker Mushtaq Ghani accepted both the adjournment motions for discussion in next assembly session.
But chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti dismissed her application for adjournment, saying the medical records did not show that she needs further treatment.
class="MsoNormalThe MCAs termed the adjournment illegal, arguing that no one moved a motion of adjournment.
While the accountability case was forced to be concluded within a number of months, by not granting exemptions or extensions to Sharif's lawyer, the appeal now is marked with delays and adjournments from the prosecutor side.
It is pertinent to note that the high court had turned down NAB's application seeking adjournment on August 15 and heard arguments from the petitioners' counsels with directions to NAB to conclude arguments on Thursday.
The directives were issued during today's hearing after the bureau sought adjournment in petitions seeking suspension of sentences awarded to imprisoned former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam and son in-law Captain (retd) Safdar by the accountability court.
A single bench of LHC Rawalpindi bench led by Justice Ibad ur Rehman Lodhi issued these orders on a petition filed by local lawyer Shahid Orakzai against adjournment of hearing of Ephedrine quota case against Hanif Abbasi and others by Anti Narcotics Special Court Rawalpindi.
As many as 25 lawmakers (20%) were present at the start and 26 (21%) at the adjournment of the sitting.