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adjourn for (something)

To temporarily end a meeting or gathering for a certain reason with the intent of continuing it at a later time. Since we were getting hungry, we decided to adjourn for lunch. We had to adjourn our staff meeting for an hour because somebody had accidentally double-booked the conference room. Let's adjourn for now and pick negotiations back up in the morning.
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adjourn to (some place)

To suspend a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it in another location. There was a mishap in scheduling for the conference room, so we had to adjourn to the cramped office next door and finish our meeting there. We're not discussing any sensitive information, so let's just adjourn to the cafeteria. It shouldn't be crowded at this hour. When the ceiling started leaking all of a sudden, we adjourned to Carrie's office.
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adjourn for

a time to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can take part in some other activity. We must adjourn for the day.
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adjourn to (some place)

to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can move to another place (where the meeting will be started again). We adjourned to the sitting room.
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Previously, the speaker adjourned the session on Tuesday because of low attendance in the house.
The court adjourned the hearing to allow Al Abbadi to present his arguments and to appoint lawyers for the remaining defendants.
The case has been adjourned in order that they give evidence personally."
Senior coroner Derek Winter adjourned the case until July 25 so the "complex matter of enquires being carried out by police" can be completed.
BEIRUT: A court session for Al-Qaeda-linked militant Naim Abbas was adjourned Tuesday after his lawyer asked to provide more evidence in his case, a judicial source told The Daily Star.
Qusay al-Suhail , Vice President of the House of Representatives adjourned the session before for half an hour to lack of quorum.
The hearing was adjourned until September 23 for further study.
Town, of Carrholm Road in Meanwood, Leeds, previously had her case adjourned.
Their trial was due to begin at Exeter Crown Court on Monday but the judge adjourned proceedings to allow the defence team time to explore medical evidence relating to the case.
"The Parliament's session of today had been adjourned, due to adjourned, due to clashes that took place inside the Parliament by members of the Sadrist Trend and the State of Law Coalition, towards the General Amnesty Law and objections about some of its articles," he stressed.
Speaker of Kuwait's National Assembly Jassem Al-Kharafi on Tuesday adjourned today's parliament session for lack of quorum, saying "I will not call for any session until a new government is formed." "Due to lack of quorum, the caretaker government has informed me it will not attend any further sessions until a new government is in place.
Acting Speaker of the National Assembly Abdullah Al-Roumi adjourned on Tuesday the parliament session until tomorrow for lack of quorum.Al-Roumi said, "due to the lack of quorum, today's session will be adjourned to tomorrow, Wednesday." He delayed the session for the first time for half an hour for the same reason but the lack of quorum continued which forced him to conclusively adjourn it for tomorrow.The Assembly was sscheduled to discuss a number of scheduled issues such as the Amiri speech, the incoming messages clause, the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee's report on lifting of immunity of MPs Mussalam Al-Barrak, Hussain Al-Qalaf and Faisal Al-Mislim.
SENTENCING of a council lifeguard who sexually assaulted a young girl and a woman with learning difficulties was adjourned. Yassine Falah, 37, of Chatham Street, off Myrtle Street, in the city centre, previously pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault by pressing his groin up against his victims in April and August last year and was due to be sentenced yesterday at Liverpool Crown Court.
Asset management company Neuberger Berman Group LLC reported on Friday that Neuberger Berman Income Opportunity Fund Inc (NYSE Amex:NOX) and Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund (NYSE:NHS) have adjourned their joint annual meeting of stockholders.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-7 April 2010-SkillSoft receives directions from Irish High Court concerning adjourned Court Meeting(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS