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adjourn for

To temporarily end a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it at a later time. Since we were getting hungry, we decided to adjourn for lunch.
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adjourn to

To suspend a meeting or gathering with the intent of continuing it in another location. There was a mishap in scheduling for the conference room, so we had to adjourn to the cramped office next door and finish our meeting there.
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adjourn for

a time to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can take part in some other activity. We must adjourn for the day.
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adjourn to (some place)

to bring a meeting to a temporary close so the participants can move to another place (where the meeting will be started again). We adjourned to the sitting room.
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Absent receiving the votes necessary to approve the proposals to amend its Articles of Incorporation, the company then plans to adjourn the meeting and defer voting on shareholder business matters until February 21, 2007, when the meeting will be reconvened.
The Rajya Sabha chairman had given permission to Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley to address the house, but some members indulged in repeated sloganeering over the violence in Kashmir, forcing the former to adjourn proceedings.
A policy set in April of 1992 ordered City Council meetings to adjourn by 11:30 p.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Saqib Nisar has remarked " court does not adjourn the cases deliberately but the hearing has to be adjourned some time due to some emergency or on the request of lawyers.
He requested SC to adjourn the hearing of the case due to engagement of defence counsels team in review petition.
Kestrel advised the Partnership that it would not grant such consent, and accordingly the Board determined to reset the record date for the rights offering and adjourn the special meeting.
Responding to a Point of Order raised by Rehman Malik, leader of the House Raja Zafarul Haq requested the chair to adjourn the session to mark solidarity with Hindu community on occasion of their religious festival.
No action will be taken when the meeting is convened on January 27 except to adjourn the meeting to February 10.
Babar Awan said his statement was not intended to subject the court to ridicule, pleading the court to adjourn the case hearing as his counsel Ali Zafar is abroad.
OTCBB:AANI) announced today that it will adjourn the special meeting of stockholders, currently scheduled for this Friday, December 2, 2005 at 10 a.
We therefore have decided to adjourn the meeting to afford our stockholders additional time to cast their votes.
He pleaded the Supreme Court to adjourn the case's hearing.
In his third suggestion he said that government should adjourn session till 4 days before budget.
Court wanted early dispensation of justice in this case and did not want to adjourn the case for indefinite period, he observed.
Congress is considering including the "Early Treatment for HIV Act" in legislation before it adjourns for the year.