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bid (someone or something) adieu

1. To say goodbye to someone. "Adieu" is a French valediction that literally means "to God." Unfortunately, I've got a train to catch, so I must bid you all adieu now. It was hard bidding college adieu, but I knew deep down that it was time to move on.
2. To part with something, such as a possession. It's time for you to bid these ratty old t-shirts adieu. Bid your phone adieu, because I'm confiscating it.
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bid adieu to (someone or something)

1. To say goodbye to someone or something. "Adieu" is a French valediction that literally means "to God." Because I had a train to catch, I had to bid adieu to them quite early in the evening, unfortunately. It was hard to bid adieu to college, but I knew deep down that it was time to move on.
2. To part with something, such as a possession. It's time for you to bid adieu to these ratty old t-shirts.
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bid adieu to someone or something

Cliché to say good-bye to someone or something. (The word adieu is French for good-bye and should not be confused with ado.) Now it's time to bid adieu to all of you gathered here. He silently bid adieu to his favorite hat as the wind carried it down the street.
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bid adieu

Say goodbye, take leave of, as in It's beyond my bedtime, so I bid you all adieu, or I'll be glad to bid adieu to these crutches. French for "goodbye," adieu literally means "to God" and was part of à dieu vous commant, "I commend you to God." Adopted into English in the 1300s, it was first recorded in Chaucer's Troilus and Cressida (c. 1385). Today it is considered quite formal, although it also is used humorously.
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bid adieu

Say good-bye. This formulaic farewell uses the French adieu, meaning “to God,” and has done so since Chaucer’s time. It is now considered rather formal, although it also is used humorously. In fact, humorist Charles Farrar Browne, under the pen name Artemus Ward, joked about it back in 1862: “I now bid you a welcome adoo” (Artemus Ward: His Book. The Shakers).
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Washington D.C [USA], Aug 31 (ANI): American pop singer Britney Spears bid adieu to her long tresses and opted for a more subdued look for a recent date with her boyfriend Sam Asghari.
"It was welcome back after 10 years to Kris Jungmayr, followed by regulars Rob Bryon and Loz Gale, adieu to Harvey Benjamin-Laing, who is off to Liverpool University, accompanied on guitar by newcomer Angus Chan from Hong Kong.
Le Maroc de Aoulad Syad est celui des humbles et des sans voix, tous de condition modeste, en butte aux tracas du quotidien, voire aux marginaux comme le danseur- danseuse de Adieu forain.
Bid Adieu has only had two starts following his arrival from Venetia Wiliams' stable and he seemed to enjoy himself at Windsor last time.
113 Regal Livy, villager 223 Sonar posse's sopranos 223 Adieu! Cue Ida.
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, Adieu, adieu to EU, EU, EU
Earlier, party stalwarts Nazar Mohammad Gondal from Mandi Bahauddin, Nawabzada Ghazanfar Ali Gul from Gujrat and Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan from Sialkot have bid adieu to the PPP.
It's that time of the year when we bid adieu to the winters and welcome the spring season, time of new beginnings, giving everyone a push to start anew and build afresh.
With Saturday's cup final against Marseille set to be his last for a club side on French soil, he will be hoping for a few more electric performances for Sweden before he finally saying "adieu" to the country that has been his home for four years.
Summary: After the release of historical love saga, the actor has finally bid adieu to his long and bushy moustache with the help of his co-actor
Doctor Who BBC1, 8pm DRAMA It's been a cracking series but it's time to bid adieu to Peter Capaldi's Doctor.
Godard's latest film, Adieu au langage, which premiered at Cannes 2014, is a meditative essay on the cinema that raises questions about interpretation and meaning he has been refining throughout his long career as both a critic and filmmaker.
Critique: "Black is Not a Color" is second volume of author Rozsa Gaston's 'Ava Series' which presents Ava Fodor's journey of self discovery, that was begun in the first volume, "Paris Adieu" (978-0984790616, $12.95 (PB), $2.99 (Kindle), 290pp.).
NNA - Prime Minister Tammam Salam met on Friday with UN Special Coordinator, Derek Plumbly, who bid the premier adieu at the end of his Lebanon mission and lauded him for his "wisdom, patience, and leadership." Plumbly expressed his appreciation for the support and cooperation of the Lebanese state with the UNIFIL.
AND SO, ADIEU. Jean-Luc Godard's leave-taking from cinema and life began many years ago, his valedictory impulse intensifying in the trilogy of war requiems he initiated at the turn of the century.