adhere to

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adhere to (something)

1. To stick to a surface. The masking tape was so old that it would no longer adhere to anything.
2. To follow a plan, belief system, or course of action. If I don't adhere to a strict routine during the workweek, I usually start feeling stressed. I'm not serving pork at the dinner party because I know Richard adheres to a Kosher diet.
3. To believe in a particular idea or concept. He adheres to the belief that working long hours and staying late at the office is the only way to get promoted.
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adhere to something

1. Lit. to stick to something. The stamp won't adhere to the envelope.
2. Fig. to follow or "stick to" a particular course of action, plan, or set of beliefs. If you don't adhere to the proper routine, you will confuse the other workers.
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adhere to

1. To stick or cling to the surface of something: After the fire, soot and smoke adhered to the walls.
2. To follow some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: Let's adhere to the plan we already discussed. You need to adhere to our rules very strictly if you want to join our organization.
3. To believe that some idea is true or right: Although some people are skeptical, most people adhere to the notion that our changing climate is a serious problem.
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The lawsuit cites the repeated failure of both agencies to adhere to basic historic preservation law, standards and principles mandated by the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).
Specifically, the Franchise Tax Board's failure to adhere to the unitary business principle in administering California's research tax credit is a concern not only for the Institute's members within its five chapters located in California, but also for its members worldwide whose companies conduct research activities within the state.
We looked at how households finance HIV treatment, how well patients adhere to it, and how this relates to treatment outcomes--delayed progression to AIDS, antiretroviral suppression, avoiding drug resistance, and survival.
To join, firms must enroll at the center's Web site and agree to adhere to the center's membership requirements.
(1.) The following countries are not OECD members, but they adhere to both the Declaration and the Guidelines: Argentina: Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Estonia, Israel, Hungary, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland.
Eleven of the pregnancies occurred among women who did not adhere to the study regimen.
New HyCryl C515 polyester from AOC, Collierville, Tenn., reportedly bonds to formed ABS sheet as strongly as standard polyesters adhere to traditional acrylic liners for spas.
The 50 Black FlockTape will adhere to EPDM rubber, TPVs, TPEs and polypropylene.
Besides the ability to adhere to plastic, to survive and multiply within total parenteral nulrition and other types of intravenous infusions, and to produce extracellular enzymes (4,8), little information is available regarding virulence factors associated with the pathogenesis of these bacteria.
In addition, these blades adhere to the PICMG 2.9 standard for the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) architecture-a key technology involved in remote system and platform management-an onboard feature not found standard on previous Pentium III processor-based cPSB blades.
(According to the Tax Court, regulatory rules required Florida Power to adhere to regulatory accounting for financial-reporting purposes.)
All agencies involved in the electronic transmission of fingerprint, palmprint, facial, and SMT images and related data must adhere to the format described by the standard.
As Kwanzaa grows, celebrants work harder to adhere to the principles under a constant shower of mainstream marketing.
If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to your current regimen, consider changing it.
The problem stems from the notion that certain modalities are superior to others, and that everything must adhere to a basic set of standards and equipment.