add to (something)

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add to (something)

1. To combine something with something else. The thing being added can be named between "add" and "to." Did I add too much salt to the recipe? A: "Really, the sauce is bland?" B: "Yeah, it tastes like you didn't add any herbs to it." Ugh, I hate when they add patchouli to a perfume because it ends up overpowering everything else!
2. To increase something in some way. The power outage simply added to our woes. The caterer called today? Great, I'm sure they're just going to add to our problems. The bad weather just added to the kids' restlessness.
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add (something) to something

to increase the intensity or amount of something by giving more (of something) to it. You added too much sugar to my coffee.
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add to

To increase the amount or intensity of something: The increase in fuel prices will add to the cost of living in the city. After I broke my arm, I added to my misery by chipping a tooth.
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The system overhead associated with moving large amounts of data between levels of the hierarchy and in and out of servers adds to the total cost of optimizing the hierarchy.
While compounding has many advantages for the fabricator, it also adds to his responsibility for quality.
Increasing the number of tape drives attached to a library without adding additional cartridge capacity adds to the price and raises the price per gigabyte.
For 2Gbps FCAL loop, the overhead that transit time adds to every 110 request can be approximated as the number of nodes (disks plus controllers) on the bus, multiplied 1.08 microseconds for read requests or 1.4 microseconds for write requests.
Adding commercial software modules to your mail server risks bringing it down due to unforeseen software interaction, and adds to the load your email server must handle.