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in addition (to something)

additionally; further; moreover; as an additional thing or person. In addition, I would like for you to sweep the kitchen floor. I put the books away, and in addition to that, I cleaned up my desk.
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in addition

1. Also, as well as. For example, They study their instruments and, in addition, theory and music history.
2. in addition to. Over and above, besides, as in In addition to a new muffler, the truck needs new brakes. [c. 1900]
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in addition

Also; as well.
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in addition to

Over and above; besides.
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Additionally, the CSP is not available for issues other than worker classification, which "includes cases in which a threshold issue, such as the nature of a payment as dividends or wages, has not been resolved at the examination level.
Additionally, Hythiam disclosed that its initial network of locations servicing Europe with licensees in Geneva, Lugano and Meiringen, Switzerland, will have completed training and will begin accepting patients this month, providing ready access to the PROMETA Protocols for the greater European continent, as well as Asia and the Middle East.
Additionally, the predecessor must forward all Forms W-4 and W-5 for the acquired employees to the successor.
Additionally, the Company has clinical trials ongoing for multiple orthopedic bone healing indications.
Additionally, the feature is being used to address the concerns raised by network administrators directly reducing liabilities related to Internet usage and the rise of anonymous proxy servers.
Additionally, GX15-070 showed an additive effect with doxorubicin, a chemotherapy agent.
Additionally, the company participates in management and assists in establishing strategic partnerships.
Additionally, MGC has direct access to three major pipelines with supply from the Gulf of Mexico to the Northeast, as well as access to 10 billion cubic feet (bcf) of storage.
Additionally, earnings on the health reform segment are capped at a 2.
Additionally, the PCVB serves with other agencies as an advocate for improvements that increase Philadelphia's appeal as a convention, meeting and tourist destination while improving the quality of life for area residents and businesses.
Additionally, the rating recognizes the group's well balanced business composition and geographic diversification, while benefiting from having two well established regional organizations with long-standing agency relationships and a strong regional market presence.
Additionally, he will use his customer relationship marketing (CRM) experience to provide insight and vision for all accounts.
Additionally, the technical specialty will be offered onsite at DeVry University's Arlington, Va.
Additionally, organizations will have the option to install Blink to ensure the protection of both endpoints and the network they are accessing by pushing a Blink agent to the connecting host, either permanently or as an in-memory agent for the duration of the session.
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