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in addition

Also; along with (something else). In addition, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to.
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in addition to (something)

Along or in conjunction with (something else). In addition to the job's other responsibilities, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to. And, in addition to all those chores, my brother isn't allowed to go out with his friends for a whole month!
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in addition (to something)

additionally; further; moreover; as an additional thing or person. In addition, I would like for you to sweep the kitchen floor. I put the books away, and in addition to that, I cleaned up my desk.
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in addition

1. Also, as well as. For example, They study their instruments and, in addition, theory and music history.
2. in addition to. Over and above, besides, as in In addition to a new muffler, the truck needs new brakes. [c. 1900]
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in addition

Also; as well.
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in addition to

Over and above; besides.
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According to the subscription terms of additional C share capital, additional C shares will be converted to additional B shares after 1 March 2013.
Read it to ensure that the certificate identifies your company by name and as an additional insured.
Your client should require that it be named as an additional insured on each sub's liability policies.
T's amended return renders unnecessary a notice of the amount and the basis for the additional tax reported on the amended return before the termination of the notification period.
Some insurance companies have a type of automatic arrangement, which provides Additional Insured status to individuals and organizations when required by contract or agreement.
By the 4th week, as surveillance expanded into additional counties, all hospitals in these areas were incorporated into the system.
The Conference Report requires that the Board study how well existing law protects consumers against unauthorized use of debit cards, whether the industry has enhanced the level of protection through voluntary rules, and whether additional amendments to the EFTA or the Board's regulations are necessary.
If there is no change in the pricing of the additional casting volume generated by an additional salesperson, then variable costs-materials, direct labor and some energy costs-will remain about the same.
Therefore, a company may have an additional minimum liability even though its benefit obligations seem well secured.
According to an order issued here by Peshawar High Court, Kashif Nadeem, Additional District and Sessions Judge Mardan has been transferred and posted as Additional District and Sessions Judge Nowshera.
Similarly Syed Muhammad Hasnain, Acting Director (BS20), from Lahore to Rawalpindi, Masood Alam Khan, Additional Director(BS19), from KPK to Rawalpindi, Tariq Aleem, Additional Director(BS19), from NAB (Hqs) Islamabad to NAB Lahore, Muhammad Abaidullh Azam, Additional Director (BS19), from NAB Hqs Islamabad to NAB Lahore, Flt.
Recent legislation offers some relief by providing an income tax credit for one component of the tax: the "special additional mortgage recording tax" of 25 cents per $100 of debt.
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