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in addition

Also; along with (something else). In addition, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to.
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in addition to (something)

Along or in conjunction with (something else). In addition to the job's other responsibilities, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to. And, in addition to all those chores, my brother isn't allowed to go out with his friends for a whole month!
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in addition (to something)

additionally; further; moreover; as an additional thing or person. In addition, I would like for you to sweep the kitchen floor. I put the books away, and in addition to that, I cleaned up my desk.
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in addition

1. Also, as well as. For example, They study their instruments and, in addition, theory and music history.
2. in addition to. Over and above, besides, as in In addition to a new muffler, the truck needs new brakes. [c. 1900]
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in addition

Also; as well.
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in addition to

Over and above; besides.
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According to the company, this was the eleventh consecutive quarter that it has generated over one million net customer additions and the third consecutive quarter with over two million net customer additions.
2/25/2009 ADDITIONS/REMODELS 3736 GILHAM RD EUG GUFFIN DARRELL J Addition of office above existing garage and living space with master suite above.
But, in addition to focusing on the process of introducing the master alloy, we also would like to know if the final casting has fine grains.
The new addition built by the Waiters Group adds a number of essential amenities, including a kitchen area, two handicap-access bathrooms, and an office area for the volunteers who donate their time to the company.
The all-new 4-door Civic Hybrid, which will make its world debut at Frankfurt, promising world-leading emissions performance and even more economical motoring than its predecessor, in addition to its modern and distinctive styling.
In addition the profiles of contaminant loss were different between a polluted site (Arthur Kill, New York) and clean site (Tuckerton, New Jersey) and between the estuarine Arthur Kill and freshwater Onondaga Lake (New York).
Nationwide expanded its products offering even further during the 1970s with the addition of its Best of America variable annuity products through agents and investment dealers.
The annual addition limit for individual participants was the lower of 25% of compensation or $30,000 (indexed to $35,000 for plan years beginning in 2001).
In addition to its specially trained staff, Lewis says Little Angels needed a special design for its facility upgrade--both for the existing building that would continue to house the younger children and for the new building that would house the young adults.
With the addition of one or two filler types, plus heat-age additives, pigment and a suitable vulcanizing agent, fabricators can design a compound to meet their total requirements.
To have a meal that has something for everyone, offer menu alternatives and menu additions.
In addition, individuals may experience a loss of mobility, and in some cases, deformity.
In addition, the critical obstacles cited by staff were understaffing, client-related problems and inadequate community service providers.