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in addition

Also; along with (something else). In addition, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to.
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in addition to (someone)

Along or in conjunction with someone else. A: "No, Holly's coming too, in addition to your mother." B: "OK, I'll put out two more place settings." In addition to existing security staff, we've hired another two dozen guards to help patrol the grounds during the event.
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in addition to (something)

Along or in conjunction with (something else). In addition to the job's other responsibilities, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to. And, in addition to all those chores, my brother isn't allowed to go out with his friends for a whole month!
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in addition (to something)

additionally; further; moreover; as an additional thing or person. In addition, I would like for you to sweep the kitchen floor. I put the books away, and in addition to that, I cleaned up my desk.
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in addition

1. Also, as well as. For example, They study their instruments and, in addition, theory and music history.
2. in addition to. Over and above, besides, as in In addition to a new muffler, the truck needs new brakes. [c. 1900]
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in addition

Also; as well.
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in addition to

Over and above; besides.
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It is formed through a fumarate (4-carbon) addition to the methyl carbon of toluene that activates the molecule.
In addition, non-virtual clustering is non-optimal in that the entire (non-virtual) cluster can suffer loss of availability if the rack (or cabinet) in which all the physical components are installed is compromised.
In addition, it will be increasingly impractical to inventory, accession, describe, index, and apply retention concepts to electronic records residing in electronic repositories without a thorough understanding of computer technologies and systems.
It should be a necessary, if not totally welcome, addition to any law enforcement agency's library.
"We can now create a variety of pieces and modules that allow us to, based on the sales opportunities at hand and what an adviser is presenting, take modules and put them together and deliver them faster." In addition, print-on-demand lets the company edit and make changes to materials online.
In addition, the DOR could make public any personal information about a delinquent taxpayer after providing 30 days notice.
In addition, career advancement (i.e., using an entry-level job to gain needed work skills and to advance to a higher paying one) needs to be discussed and taught (Brown et al., 1998).
People eat menu alternatives and additions because it is a food they want.
The revised and expanded Black Theatre USA is certainly a valuable addition to the resource materials available on the African American theatre.
In addition, functional losses may result due to the inability to move affected joints through their full range of motion.
Two projects from Burkhalter & Sumi in Zurich, an addition to the Hotel Zurichberg and a small commercial school in Laufenberg, reveal a complexity behind their seemingly straightforward buildings that is tempered through the firm's research into wood construction(1) and tectonics.
In addition, the sector as a whole continues to face persistent underlying structural problems.
In addition, full-featured SPC capabilities are offered for up to 24 parameters, and the job and machine database, holds up to 4000 entries.
In addition to the shift away from programmatic control by rehabilitation professionals, the independent living program was different from traditional rehabilitation service programs in the manner in which services were to be financed.
Stepping out in segments, a new addition across the back of this two-story house opened up the interior rooms to daylight and to each other.