add to (something)

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add to (something)

1. To combine something with something else. The thing being added can be named between "add" and "to." Did I add too much salt to the recipe? A: "Really, the sauce is bland?" B: "Yeah, it tastes like you didn't add any herbs to it." Ugh, I hate when they add patchouli to a perfume because it ends up overpowering everything else!
2. To increase something in some way. The power outage simply added to our woes. The caterer called today? Great, I'm sure they're just going to add to our problems. The bad weather just added to the kids' restlessness.
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add (something) to something

to increase the intensity or amount of something by giving more (of something) to it. You added too much sugar to my coffee.
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add to

To increase the amount or intensity of something: The increase in fuel prices will add to the cost of living in the city. After I broke my arm, I added to my misery by chipping a tooth.
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Long-Beard laughed, too, the five-inch bodkin of bone, thrust midway through the cartilage of his nose, leaping and dancing and adding to his ferocious appearance.
ANSWER: The omega-3 fatty acid that Kellogg may begin adding to its products is DHA (docosa-hexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that is usually found in fatty fish.
Customers begin to build more and more islands of individual storage systems adding to the complexity of storage management and additional capital expenditures.
Adding to the time burden is need to train many mold designers whose work styles are based on their tried-and-true 2-D CAD systems.
According to Timothy Tangel, P.E., vice president of Centrifugal Services, a Dual Star Company and the largest independent provider of chiller conversions from CFCs to green alternatives in the United States, caution is adding to the cost.
Adding to that hope is a more controversial result from the same researchers: They contend that BRCA1, the protein encoded by BRCA1, is secreted by breast cells and belongs to an obscure family of proteins called granins.
For example, financial institutions would require special rules, adding to the complexity of the system.
Less than 9% of this year's survey respondents indicated they would be adding to capacity compared to 33% in 1990 and 42% in 1989.