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addict (one) to

To become, or cause someone else to become, dependent on a particular substance or thing. That first use of cocaine addicted me to it. So many people have addicted themselves to caffeine.
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addict someone to something

to cause someone to become habituated to something, usually alcohol or some another drug. The hospital personnel were thought to have addicted John to morphine. She ended up addicting herself to the substance.
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n. someone showing a strong preference for something or someone. (Not related to drug addiction.) Sam is a real opera addict. He just loves the stuff.
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The Happy Addict is divided into fifteen chapters and each addresses how to take steps to create a new, sober life or how to let go of old negative thinking patterns.
Lying for the addict to employers, law enforcement officers, family members, etc.
Sex addicts use sex to manage and suppress their feelings in the same way as alcoholics use drink or drug addicts use drugs.
Rather than locking up yet more addicts in overcrowded prisons such as Liverpool we should make far more use of residential treatment to get addicts off drugs.
If addicts ignore the warnings and keep using this heroin it is just a matter to time before someone dies.
During his short life he had suffered many hardships, been a drug addict, recovered, contracted Aids and lived life in such a way that many remember him with pride.
New drug injection sites are expected in Vancouver and Toronto in 2004 and will provide addicts with a legal supply of heroin.
Killinger, Workaholics: The Respectable Addicts (Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 1991).
Addicts and their advocates have been making this argument since the early 1990s, to no avail.
because an addict is an addict, and addicts relapse," said Cook County Associate Judge Lawrence P.
Many cannot receive treatment for their addictions unless they are in prison, and the line in prison is long, so sometimes judges give addicts stiffer sentences to ensure that they will eventually get treatment.
For example, she states that drug addicts are virtually incapable of being functional at work or at home while alcoholics can perform adequately when not acutely intoxicated.
2 million alcohol and drug abusers and addicts crowding America's prisons is the nation's most egregious display of public irresponsibility.
It is difficult to imagine what addicts, co-dependents, and ACOA's would be like without the behaviors and systems they know so well.