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addict (one) to (something)

To become, or cause someone else to become, dependent on a particular substance or thing. That first use of cocaine addicted me to it. So many people have addicted themselves to caffeine. I swear, the kids have addicted themselves to that video game. They can hardly put it down!
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addict someone to something

to cause someone to become habituated to something, usually alcohol or some another drug. The hospital personnel were thought to have addicted John to morphine. She ended up addicting herself to the substance.
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n. someone showing a strong preference for something or someone. (Not related to drug addiction.) Sam is a real opera addict. He just loves the stuff.
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Differences in the three groups of not addicted to Internet, mild to moderately addicted and severely addicted were observed for different behavioural patterns due to SNS use.
They found that individuals addicted to opioids discounted delayed rewards significantly faster than nonaddicts.
"Families could also reach us directly provided that they can prove a member of their family is addicted to drugs and that they are not addicts themselves," she said.
Now a book Your Sexually Addicted Spouse opens discussion of another variety of PTSD--that of the spouse of the sexual addict.
They found that 53 per cent said they felt addicted to their mobile phones and 63 per cent to the internet.
BEIRUT: In an attempt to change the treatment and perception of people who are addicted to drugs in Lebanon, the Lebanese Addiction Center "Skoun" and the Tripoli Bar Association on Tuesday launched a project for the "Greater Respect for Drug Addicts' Rights." The initiative aims to promote dialogue and cooperation among judges, police, investigators, and medical workers when dealing with drug addicts.
It is wrong that scarce NHS resourses are spent on addicts who remain addicted while overweight or smoking patients are denied help for life-threatening conditions.
He said: "The babies are born addicted to the same drugs - heroin, methadone and crack cocaine - which their mothers have taken during pregnancy.
Mr Roberts said: "We should actively consider prescribing diamorphine, pharmaceutical heroin, to those seriously addicted to heroin as part of a treatment programme.
Mr Roberts said, 'We should actively consider prescribing diamorphine, pharmaceutical heroin, to those seriously addicted to heroin as part of a treatment programme for addiction.
"The Milk of Paradise" is a gripping, disturbing novel about an addicted physician's struggle against self destruction.
In Pakistan, the area of children of drug abusers has totally been ignored, children of drug addicts who are the most targeted population, effected by drug addicted are being ignored totally (Farhat, 2003).
It is equally credible that, once addicted, the drug abuser's brain attempts to compensate for the flood of induced dopamine by reducing the number of sensitive receptors.
My concern about the article stems from the popular opinion that if someone is on these meds for longer than a few weeks, they're addicted. Addiction and dependency are two distinctly different issues.
The centre in Co Mayo has treated people addicted to everything from heroin to cocaine.