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addict (one) to

To become, or cause someone else to become, dependent on a particular substance or thing. That first use of cocaine addicted me to it. So many people have addicted themselves to caffeine.
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addict someone to something

to cause someone to become habituated to something, usually alcohol or some another drug. The hospital personnel were thought to have addicted John to morphine. She ended up addicting herself to the substance.
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n. someone showing a strong preference for something or someone. (Not related to drug addiction.) Sam is a real opera addict. He just loves the stuff.
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For example, in people who are addicted to drugs, the drop in D2 receptors is often accompanied by a loss in functioning of the prefrontal cortex--the part of the brain responsible for judgment and impulse control.
Sherrod's pursuit of the rights to Addicted for Simon & Schuster resulted in Zane's Simon & Schuster publishing and distribution deal for Strebor in 2002.
Conversely, someone who takes a steady dose of a drug and who can stop using it without physical distress may still be addicted to it.
But Dr Griffiths believes there is an importance difference between people addicted to an activity on the net and people addicted to the internet itself.
As Jonnes correctly points out, the declines in drug use in recent years have occurred among casual users; numbers of addicted users, and the levels of harm associated with their use, have not changed much.
And, of course, nicotine is extremely addictive: The Surgeon General has found that the "capture" rate--the percentage of people who become addicted after trying it--is higher with cigarettes than any other drug, legal or illegal.
by Pajhwok Report on 1 June, 2014 - 17:09 KABUL (Pajhwok): At least one hundred drug addicted were shifted from Pul-i-Sokhta area of capital Kabul to Jangalak drugs rehabilitation centre for treatment, an official said on Sunday.
IF you think it would be great to be addicted to sex then think again.
According to Sex Addicts Anonymous over four million British men and women are addicted to sex.
Moreover, they grieve giving up the "heroin lifestyle," partly because they are addicted to the challenge and excitement of scoring the drug.
PURE PLEASURE With so many enticements surrounding people every day, how does someone become addicted to food rather than alcohol, drugs gambling, video games, or various other alluring pleasures?
Only a few hours after a heroin high wears off, addicted people, like Judy, often start craving more of the drug.
Heroin acts here to produce an intense rush, which people addicted to the drug seek compulsively.