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addict (one) to (something)

To become, or cause someone else to become, dependent on a particular substance or thing. That first use of cocaine addicted me to it. So many people have addicted themselves to caffeine.
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addict someone to something

to cause someone to become habituated to something, usually alcohol or some another drug. The hospital personnel were thought to have addicted John to morphine. She ended up addicting herself to the substance.
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n. someone showing a strong preference for something or someone. (Not related to drug addiction.) Sam is a real opera addict. He just loves the stuff.
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In Sindh, the prisoners who are drug addicts have been separated from the common prisoners while the addicts and patients of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and, other diseases are being diagnosed through screening through private labs.
She said parents looking after an addicted child would be doing the rounds of the police stations, hospitals and rehab centres.
The department said that despite the high number of females addicts in the province there are only three treatment centers for them, which have 150 beds available.
He spoke after donating cooler boxes, buckets, uniform for addicts' children, wheelbarrows, rakes among other tools of trade to 20 reforming addicts at Hongera in Kisauni.
The family members of the addicts suffer the most due to their violent behaviour and nature of petty crimes for generating income to acquire drug.
The scores ranging from 20 to 49 indicated minimal addicts, from 50 to 79 indicated moderate addicts and from 80 to 100 indicated severe addicts.
In other words, people addicted to gambling are unable to assess the risk in any given situation, and therefore do not alter their behavior to best suit the circumstances.
Each week on her radio show, "Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101," Denise Krochta interviews experts and experienced people to provide resources, support, information, stories, for her audience so they feel comfortable that they have the tools to make informed decisions for themselves, businesses, and loved ones.
-Var of a thinner addict kicking to the hood of the car
They hope that a trip to prison, in particular the Central Jail Srinagar, will reform their children addicted to drugs.
Results: Data showed that 16 Percent of the addicts reported severe physical abuse, 20 Percent reported severe emotional abuse and 14 Percent reported emotional neglect.
"It starts when a drug addict forms a large base of contacts with other fellow drug addicts, having met in a rehab centre, for example.
The addict , who admitted he had stolen things in the past and dabbled in dealing drugs, said that he was going to spend the money on overdue rent and shopping.
Summary: Journalist sets up organization to help discourage 'wives and children' of addicts from becoming abusers themselves.