add to (something)

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add to (something)

1. To combine something with something else. The thing being added can be named between "add" and "to." Did I add too much salt to the recipe?
2. To increase something in some way. The power outage simply added to our woes.
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add (something) to something

to increase the intensity or amount of something by giving more (of something) to it. You added too much sugar to my coffee.
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add to

To increase the amount or intensity of something: The increase in fuel prices will add to the cost of living in the city. After I broke my arm, I added to my misery by chipping a tooth.
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Astragalus has a mildly sweet taste and can easily be added to soups and teas.
A small amount of orange juice added to the cooking water gives oatmeal and other hot breakfast cereals a mild citrus flavor.
(0.45 kg) of titanium boron is added to the melt for grain refinement.
Also, solids can easily become contaminated with water or moisture; enough moisture can even be picked up to alter the percent solids and thus the amount added to the process.
This final rule amends the FAR to clarify that the Javits-Wagner O'Day (JWOD) program becomes a mandatory source of supplies and services when the supplies or services have been added to the Procurement List maintained by the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled.
If not, professional services will be needed when additional storage is added to the solution.
Also added to the CitiDirect service is a new, more powerful reporting engine and flexible file management capabilities that provide clients with more in-depth, real-time intelligence on their accounts.
The Boston Globe reports, "Most medicinal uses of herbs require much higher concentrations than what is found in vitamin water, which lists many herbs at 25 milligrams." Adrian Fugh-Berman, an assistant clinical professor and herbal specialist at George Washington University, told the Globe, "Twenty-five milligrams of any crude herb would not be enough to do anything." Consumers should realize that supplements added to drinks such as kola and guarana can be more potent than caffeine, and their individual stimulatory effects can vary greatly.
These "cracklings," as they are known are added to other recipes such as cornbread and collard greens, or simply eaten out of hand as a sn ack, Though hot dogs, ham hocks, and cracklings are mainstays of Americana, a vast majority of the pig trade emanates from Europe and Asia.
In a sense, functional foods have been around since the 1920s, when iodine was added to salt to prevent goiter.
* Reinforcing fillers (fine particle silicas), if required, are then added to the mix.
As the number of electrons increases, bunching changes from an occasional occurrence to once for every fifth electron added to the group.
Value can be added to the immediate user by removing hassles and "noise." Self-check-out circulation, while still not 100 percent effective, may finally be the needed improvement in minimizing user noise and hassle.
"Every dollar spent on CFCs is a dollar added to replacement costs," Tangel says.