add your twopenn'orth

add (one's) two penn'orth

To share one's opinion, idea, or point of view, regardless of whether or not others want to hear it. ("Penn'orth" is a contraction of "pennies' worth.") Primarily heard in UK. I find Jeff's husband a bit trying at times. He always has to add his two penn'orth, even when it's clear he knows nothing about what's being discussed. If I can just add my two penn'orth, I think the staff would really appreciate a bump in their pay, and productivity would increase as a result.
See also: add, two

add (or put in) your twopenn'orth

contribute your opinion. informal
The literal meaning of twopenn'orth is ‘an amount of something that is worth or costs two pence’; by extension it can also be used to mean ‘a small or insignificant amount of something’.
See also: add