add together

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add (something) together

To calculate the sum or total of multiple items. Can you take these receipts and add the totals together for me?
See also: add, together

add something together

to sum or total two or more things. Add these two together and tell me what you get.
See also: add, together
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To score, first add together all your plus points and write that number down.
They tend to ignore the quantum-mechanically determined interference effects possible when waves associated with particles such as electrons add together as they meet peak-to-peak or cancel each other as they meet peak-to-trough.
So far in animal studies, she said, it looks like the therapies merge well and will add together for more effective protection.
Add together and you get 3964 They also won in 1994 and 1970.
Like waves in the sea, a large number of phonons can converge and either add together or cancel each other out.
More than 56% percent, or more than $326 billion USD of consuming power, is outside China's 36 major cities; when you add together CALCOL's distribution network in the major cities as well its growing network in the secondary areas, there is great buying power for consumer products like MALIBU-COLA.
Using the pooling-of-interests method, companies could add together the book values of their net assets without indicating which entity was the "purchaser" and which was the "purchased.