add together

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add (something) together

To calculate the sum or total of multiple items. Can you take these receipts and add the totals together for me?
See also: add, together

add something together

to sum or total two or more things. Add these two together and tell me what you get.
See also: add, together
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With that amount of paper, if you add together [the consumption of] those two grades in Mexico it amounts to basically 970,000 tons.
Using the pooling-of-interests method, companies could add together the book values of their net assets without indicating which entity was the "purchaser" and which was the "purchased." When this method was used, investors often had difficulty telling who was buying whom or determining how to evaluate the transactions.
Add together all the units coming onto the market, primarily luxury rentals on the West Side in Midtown and super-luxury condominiums scattered about the Upper West and East Sides, and there are not enough to make any significant difference.
The difference in spacing from step to step causes electrons in the metal, behaving as waves, to alternately add together or cancel as the microscope probe moves across the plateau, Chen explains.
Add together and you get 3964 They also won in 1994 and 1970.
Like waves in the sea, a large number of phonons can converge and either add together or cancel each other out.
They tend to ignore the quantum-mechanically determined interference effects possible when waves associated with particles such as electrons add together as they meet peak-to-peak or cancel each other as they meet peak-to-trough.