adapt (something) to (something)

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adapt (something) to (something)

1. proverb To become familiar or comfortable with something. When used in this way, the phrase does not take a noun or pronoun between "adapt" and "to." When Fran moved to China, she struggled to adapt to her new surroundings. I've been spending a lot of time at home as our new puppy adapts to life with our family.
2. To modify or adjust something to fit or work properly with something else. Brian had to buy special cables so that he could adapt his old VCR his new TV. Whoa, you're adapting the house to central air conditioning? Nice! Your computer's so old that I'm afraid there's no way to adapt it to the latest operating system.
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adapt something to something

to convert something to fit or work with something else. We converted our furnace to natural gas.
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adapt to something

to adapt or get used to someone or something. Please try to adapt to our routine.
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adapt to

1. To alter something so that it is better suited to something else: The immigrants adapted their recipes to the ingredients that were available in their new country.
2. To change in order to be better suited to something: At first, I didn't like the new school, but I quickly adapted to the way things were done there and was soon very happy.
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Compact, yet sturdy, the connection bracket adapts to all types and sizes of pallet rack uprights.
"Colour Adapt Pressed Powder meets this need by delivering personalized color that adapts to the myriad skin tones in a woman's face."
With its release of ADSE 2.0, ADC brings to market a communication systems environment that adapts to changing network technologies and provides seamless interoperability of enhanced services between a variety of devices and access methods.
Instead, the new architecture automatically adapts to whatever environment it is confronted with.
In this case, the system adapts to the edited trace, again by making appropriate velocity-profile changes.