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adapt (something) for (something)

To change or adjust something for a new or different purpose. I heard that the studio is adapting that book for a movie. Have they adapted the building for wheelchair accessibility?
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adapt (something) from (something)

To create one thing from another. The film was adapted from a famous novel.
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adapt (something) to (something)

1. To become familiar or comfortable with something. When used in this way, the phrase does not take a noun or pronoun between "adapt" and "to." When Fran moved to China, she struggled to adapt to her new surroundings.
2. To modify or adjust something to fit or work properly with something else. Brian had to buy special cables so that he could adapt his old VCR his new TV.
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adapt someone or something

to something to cause someone or something to change, adjust to, or get used to something else. Can't you adapt yourself to my way of doing things?

adapt something for something

to change or alter something for use with something else. Has this furnace been adapted for natural gas?
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adapt something from something

to derive something from something else; to create by modifying something else. I adapted my new musical from a novel.
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adapt something to something

to convert something to fit or work with something else. We converted our furnace to natural gas.
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adapt to something

to adapt or get used to someone or something. Please try to adapt to our routine.
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adapt to

1. To alter something so that it is better suited to something else: The immigrants adapted their recipes to the ingredients that were available in their new country.
2. To change in order to be better suited to something: At first, I didn't like the new school, but I quickly adapted to the way things were done there and was soon very happy.
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Construction labor productivity is one of the most studied areas in the construction research field, and several-FIS-based predictive models have been developed; however, a framework for adapting such FIS-based models from one context to another is missing.
Second, the paper has advanced the state of the art in fuzzy modeling in CLP studies by introducing and testing an approach for adapting MF using linear and genetic optimization-driven nonlinear transformation functions, which provided a transparent approach for adapting MFs from base to adapted contexts.
When I came to the Air Force over two years ago, I said that I would use as my measure of progress substantive improvements by the Air Force leadership team in four principal categories: first, in adapting strategy, doctrine, and concepts of operation appropriate for a new era of threats to our nation's security.
The learner on whom your adapting was focused may not have learned, in spite of your preparation and teaching.
Then start adapting. There is not a one-size-fits-all plan for teaching and learning.
Large and small screen companies are realizing that adapting books is a great way to fulfill the need for diverse and interesting subject matter.
In comparison, internationalization of guidance deals with the process of "globalocalization," which means importing general knowledge about work, workers, and careers and then adapting it to the local language, customs, and caring practices of each country (Savickas, 2003).
At issue was the appropriateness of adapting theories, techniques, and tools constructed for use in one cultural context for use in a different cultural context.
The insect, Timena cristinae, seems to be adapting so that it can hide on either of two species of plants.
So all in all, although adapting to PPS will be a complicated process, I think everyone needs to recognize that PPS is not all bad news.
He refers to those for whom the difficulty of adapting to a new country, new language, and new society is intensified by yet another problem.
Cannon's plans for liquid C[O.sub.2] include adapting CarDio to continuous panel production.
Starting and adapting your program to students, teachers, and camp can be the beginning of an inspiring connection between the outdoors and the classroom.
Whether adapting to a stored or edited curve, the RTM typically brings the process to the requested profile in three cycles or less, Royer adds.
The symposium's keynote speaker was Clyde Smith, vice president/technology for Johnstown Corp., who spoke on "Adapting a Ladle Furnace to a Steel Foundry." Johnstown is one of the few steel foundries using ladle reheating.
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