adapt for

adapt (something) for

To change or adjust something for a new or different purpose. I heard that the studio is adapting that book for a movie. Have they adapted the building for wheelchair accessibility?
See also: adapt

adapt something for something

to change or alter something for use with something else. Has this furnace been adapted for natural gas?
See also: adapt
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The ADAPT for ACCPAC interface, which is scheduled for release August 2001, will provide the following features:
adapt for normalization by keeping the activity as close to the standard version as possible.
The DART Adapt Revenue Module and the DART Adapt Performance Module together comprise the DART Adapt for Publishers platform, which provides the foundation for a broader suite of optimization solutions, which DoubleClick will launch in 2007.
We've used DART Adapt for several advertisers and found that it has generated an increase in click-through rates for our clients and additional traffic to their Web sites," said Anindya Ghosh, media coordinator at PriceGrabber.
This integration pairs the top vendors in the two areas of enterprise staffing software: Bond Adapt for front office, and PeopleSoft for back office," says Tim Alley, Chief Applications Trainer at Apex Systems, which has been using Adapt since 2000 and PeopleSoft for Staffing Back Office since 2003.
Sponsored by TMC's Customer Inter@ction Solutions(R) Magazine, the award was presented to ADAPT for an "innovative, outstanding product" displayed and demonstrated during the recent Communications Solutions(TM) 2002 Show in Boston.