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grounded in (actual) fact

Based on or rooted in something that is accurate or real. Don't worry, not one of her accusations is grounded in fact. Is that a true story? Is it grounded in actual fact?
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what the actual fuck

rude slang An expression of dismay or indignation. The phrase can begin a question or stand alone. What the actual fuck is my ex-boyfriend doing here? I can't believe she just said that to me! What the actual fuck!
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your actual (something)

Used to emphasize the authenticity or importance of something. Primarily heard in UK. Now that we're getting a bit of your actual political leadership, it finally feels like the country may be headed in the right direction.
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your actual —

the real, genuine, or important thing specified. informal
1968 Kenneth Williams Diary There's no doubt about it, on a good day, I look quite lovely in your actual gamin fashion.
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In 2015, FIRS set N4.7 trillion target but was only able to make N3.7 trillion in the actual collection.
Thus, the Lagman case revolved around whether there was actual rebellion in all of Mindanao, even though the actual shooting was only in Marawi.
Actual Multiple Monitors is a software product that improves Windows user interface when working with several monitors at once.
Without admitting any violation of the law, Solera has agreed to enter into a consent order with the FTC relating to the salvage yard management system business and will effect a voluntary divestiture of the United States and Canadian businesses of Actual Systems to a purchaser group substantially composed of the former shareholders of Actual Systems.
The unit of measure "predicted hours" is a function of the propriety system where the nurse reviews and updates indicators during a shift so that hours predicted for nursing care are automatically adjusted to reflect actual hours currently being worked.
The gross profit for the second quarter ended June 30, 2012 amounted to SR 340 million, compared to the actual gross profit of SR 160 million for the same quarter of 2011 representing an increase of 112 percent.
The surplus was made as a result of actual revenues that amounted to KD 26.
The accuracy of the prediction model (its match to actual history) largely determines the solidity of the investment.
Most such tools only implement basic looks and features of the Windows task-bar for switching applications, however Actual Multiple Monitors 3 goes all the way.
This indicates that measures of both actual and perceived fall risk should be included in fall risk assessments to help tailor interventions for preventing falls in older people, say the authors.
ACTUAL: The Government has specified cuts in services running to Newquay, Falmouth, and St Ives
These two forms of the DELES are similar in structure, yet the items vary slightly in order to investigate students' learning environment preferences early in a class (Preferred form) and their perceptions during a class (Actual form).
With holiday charter flights it can also be very difficult to predict the actual carrier as brochures are produced sometimes as much as two years ahead of the actual flight.