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what the actual fuck

rude slang An expression of dismay or indignation. The phrase can begin a question or stand alone. What the actual fuck is my ex-boyfriend doing here? I can't believe she just said that to me! What the actual fuck!
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your actual (something)

Used to emphasize the authenticity or importance of something. Primarily heard in UK. Now that we're getting a bit of your actual political leadership, it finally feels like the country may be headed in the right direction.
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grounded in (actual) fact

Based on or rooted in something that is accurate or real. Don't worry, not one of her accusations is grounded in fact. Is that a true story? Is it grounded in actual fact?
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your actual —

the real, genuine, or important thing specified. informal
1968 Kenneth Williams Diary There's no doubt about it, on a good day, I look quite lovely in your actual gamin fashion.
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Student Preferred Learning Environments compared to their Actual Perceptions
Unfortunately the term actual as used on a bill isn't always actual, causing errors on water bills.
Free distribution by mail outside-county: Average # 1,688; Actual # 105.
Continental argued revenue procedure 96-64 was invalid because the tax treatment of the expenses had been computed without regard to their actual nature.
81-70 does require is that taxpayers show a best effort in collecting actual basis data.
HNT supervisors meet with representatives of the various facilities, arranging a suitable location for negotiations, observation, and presence of communication equipment and ensuring separation and privacy from actual activities taking place.
The excess of hypothetical over actual basis recovery is RBIG, regardless of the loss corporation's gross income in any particular recognition-period tax year.
Teachers received identical administration instructions directing them to distribute the actual version of the MCI and see that student completed it.
Proper replacement cost and actual cash value evaluations are critical because commercial insurance contracts include co-insurance clauses.
They further allege that the insureds have organized and implemented costly internal Y2K-compliance efforts to reduce or prevent actual or imminent losses to covered property.
Potential for or actual nutritional/hydration deficits necessitating a gastrostomy tube; and
All told, ABS runs at linear outputs that GE, Davis-Standard, Actual, and Complast say are 30-40% higher than PVC.
One purpose of the present study was to explore disparities between expected and actual achievement by investigating how students explain their performance when they do and do not perform in line with expectations.
It soon became apparent, however, that the six-year moving-average formula often understated many taxpayers' actual bad-debt experience.