act (up)on (something)

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act (up)on (something)

1. To take action in a situation. The report is due tomorrow, so I need you to act on it immediately. Please act upon this subpoena for records at once.
2. To take action that is strongly influenced by certain information or advice. ("Upon" is most commonly used to convey this meaning.) Acting upon my doctor's orders, I cleared my schedule and spent the week recuperating at home. A; "I can't believe he said that about us!" B: "Well, he's probably just acting on his mother's instruction, and that woman hates us."
3. To impact or affect someone or something in some way. The barking dogs next door are acting on my patience.
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act (up)on something

1. to take action on a particular problem. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) I will act on this immediately.
2. to take action because of some special information. The police refused to act upon his complaint because he was an ex-convict.
3. to perform on something, usually the stage (in a theater). Ken has never acted on the stage or in front of a camera.
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act on

1. Also, act upon. Conduct oneself in accordance with or as a result of information or another action, as in I will act on my lawyer's advice, or The manager refused to act upon the hotel guest's complaints. [c. 1800]
2. Influence or affect, as in The baby's fussing acted on the sitter's nerves. [c. 1800]
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References in classic literature ?
The general that hearkens to my counsel and acts upon it, will conquer: let such a one be retained in command!
When feeling sad, I always like to talk of something, for it acts upon me like medicine--I begin to feel easier as soon as I have uttered what is preying upon my heart.
For which the astronomers (who have written large systems concerning the stone) assign the following reason: that the magnetic virtue does not extend beyond the distance of four miles, and that the mineral, which acts upon the stone in the bowels of the earth, and in the sea about six leagues distant from the shore, is not diffused through the whole globe, but terminated with the limits of the king's dominions; and it was easy, from the great advantage of such a superior situation, for a prince to bring under his obedience whatever country lay within the attraction of that magnet. NEW YORK Pakistan has warned India of a strong response if New Delhi tries to cross the Line of Control or acts upon its so-called 'doctrine of limited war' against Islamabad.
"The Islamic Republic of Iran acts upon its undertakings under the nuclear deal and we expect the other side to act upon its undertakings as well," Salehi said on Tuesday.
The eTDSR acts upon incoming events from IoT devices, provides real-time mixed-signal analysis of the data at the remote sites (in the field), and then routes it to data centers for further analysis, decisioning, and action.
"How the expectations could be made from such government which acts upon and respects the constitution so much that it would go against the law, for which's supremacy it took historic measures", Premier added.
It also relates to a method for the modification of protein making use of a novel enzyme which directly acts upon amido groups in protein as well as to an enzyme which has a property to deamidate amido groups in protein and a gene which encodes said enzyme.
Schwarzenegger's first acts upon taking office was to freeze all regulations that had not yet become effective prior to his inauguration.
Keywords: An ionized gas (plasma) is conveyed in such a way that the gas acts upon the tire surface region before it rolls into the road contact surface region of the tire.
They also identified the brain-cell-surface protein that PY[Y.sub.3-36] acts upon, a potential target for drugs mimicking the gut hormone.