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on a (subject or activity) kick

Experiencing a particularly intense and constant enthusiasm for some subject or activity. Jim's been on a real cycling kick ever since he bought that new bike. I'm on a bit of a politics kick at the moment, but I reckon it will die down once the election season is over.
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extracurricular activity

1. Literally, an activity that a student does in addition to their studies (the curriculum). With your grades and extracurricular activities, you'll get into any college you want.
2. slang Sexual activity, often that which is clandestine. If Jen didn't come home last night, I bet she and Bill were preoccupied with some extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean.
3. slang Fighting or arguing that occurs among competitors during a sporting event. It looks like both teams were flagged for some extracurricular activity after that last play.
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a hive of activity

A bustling or busy place. On Fridays, the school is only a hive of activity until 3:00 PM—then, everyone rushes out to start their weekend.
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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hum with activity

Fig. [for a place] to be busy with activity. The kitchen hummed with activity as usual. Our main office was humming with activity during the busy season.
See also: activity, hum
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However, if teachers need to talk to the whole class while an activity is underway, it is futile to try and overpower the "working noise," since students are thinking about other things.
The bottom model does not include the "distribute task to planners" activity.
Because numerous jurisdictions are MTC participants (21 as Compact Members, 5 as Sovereignty Members, 18 as Associate Members and 3 as Project Members), it is not unreasonable to conclude that many of the MTC member jurisdictions that impose a net income tax subsequent to the issuance of the 2001 MTC document, may now in practice consider that delivery in company-owned vehicles is an activity protected by P.
The contract activity packages also included all of the resources needed to complete the activities listed in the package.
Although previous criminological research heavily relied on motive, the routine activity theory only analyzes the presence and actions of an offender.
It should be mentioned that, leading up to the surgeon's general report on physical activity, epidemiological evidence from Dr.
Afterward, each reported much less pain--often less than half as much as usual--while he or she mentally quelled the region's activity.
We must examine the policies on physical activity, such as those that make Americans so reliant on the automobile for transportation, which in turn likely contributes to declining physical activity in the population.
Suspicious Activity Reports: These reports are the responsibility of any MSB that knows, suspects or has reason to suspect that a transaction (or pattern of transactions) is suspicious, and involves a certain dollar amount.
Louis: Manufacturing activity was generally positive and business activity fared well.
The Notice suggests that standards similar to those used in determining whether an expenditure is for a capital improvement or instead is for a routine repair (including the plan of rehabilitation doctrine) will be considered in determining whether an activity is a "substantial improvement.
IRC section 469(a)(1) defines a passive activity as one involving the conduct of any trade or business in which the taxpayer does not materially participate.
There are at least two perspectives which must be taken into consideration when evaluating a scientific tradition; epistemological, because it is the result of an activity of acquiring knowledge, and sociological, because as a tradition it is the outcome of a community of scholars actively involved in acquiring that knowledge.
This American Journal of Health Studies Review Activity is offered only to those CHES who are subscribers to the American Journal of Health Studies through individual or institutional subscriptions (except library subscriptions).
Most health and exercise experts agree that physical activity is important at any age.
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