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a hive of activity

A bustling or busy place. On Fridays, the school is only a hive of activity until 3:00 PM—then, everyone rushes out to start their weekend.
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extracurricular activity

1. Literally, an activity that a student does in addition to their studies (the curriculum). With your grades and extracurricular activities, you'll get into any college you want.
2. slang Sexual activity, often that which is clandestine. If Jen didn't come home last night, I bet she and Bill were preoccupied with some extracurricular activities, if you know what I mean.
3. slang Fighting or arguing that occurs among competitors during a sporting event. It looks like both teams were flagged for some extracurricular activity after that last play.
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hum with activity

To be bustling or busy, as of a place or thing. On Fridays, the school only hums with activity until 3:00 PM—then, everyone rushes out to start their weekend.
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on a (subject or activity) kick

Experiencing a particularly intense and constant enthusiasm for some subject or activity. Jim's been on a real cycling kick ever since he bought that new bike. I'm on a bit of a politics kick at the moment, but I reckon it will die down once the election season is over.
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hive of activity

Fig. a location where things are very busy. The hotel lobby was a hive of activity each morning. During the holidays, the shopping center is a hive of activity.
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hum with activity

Fig. [for a place] to be busy with activity. The kitchen hummed with activity as usual. Our main office was humming with activity during the busy season.
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in which the taxpayer does not materially participate for such taxable year" or certain rental activities. (12)
communications activities 9.8%, construction activities 4.7%, and transport and
Seeing items in advance distracts students and may cause teachers to rush through activities in order to use all the items.
These are higher-order activities that primarily guide and govern the activities of the tactical level.
Only one of the eight camps taught the principles their camp was based on through specific activities.
The teacher candidate was also expected to use a series of activities which allowed the student to creatively use the information that was to be mastered.
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Movement activities, however, are not limited to dance.
As a threshold matter, taxpayers must determine whether their production activities are domestic or foreign sourced.
Trust (Fiduciary) Activities. The trust services section is revised to discuss the oversight responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management for operating the fiduciary activities of their financial holding company (FHC) or bank holding company (BHC) in a safe and sound manner.
More recently, Heal (1999) conducted a survey of 713 young adults who had been students in special education programs and found that career development activities such as work opportunities, the intensity of vocational preparation, and the percentage of time spent in career education courses were predictors of increased employment, self-esteem, independence, and job security.
So kids take part in more after-school activities, like sports, games, and clubs.
The IRS argued a trust's "material participation" in a trade or business, within the meaning of section 469(h), should be determined by evaluating only the trustee's activities. The IRS proposed to disallow the losses in full for both tax years because the trustee, Fortson, failed to meet the IRC's material participation requirements.
On the basis of this definition, Western scientific tradition is, for example, the accumulated scientific knowledge and practices carried out through the epistemology of the Western worldview, together with a set of cultural values and mores that grew out through time among the network of scholars actively engaged in scientific activities in the West.
If you have any questions or need further information on the review activities, contact Don Chancy or Jim Eddy, Department of Health and Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, Mail Stop 4243, College Station, TX 77843-4243;
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