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activist judge

A judge or justice (particularly of the US Supreme Court) who rules in accordance with their personal ideology rather than with how the law is strictly written; often used in a derogatory or pejorative sense. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Many attributed the strict environmental rulings to the activist judge who was appointed last November and is known for his love of nature.
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activist justice

A court justice whose rulings are dictated more by personal leanings than the law. I can't believe that judge! What is he, an activist justice—handing out rulings based on his own bent?
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To the extent that activists encroach on our freedoms, we must fight.
But when activists seek solutions through public input, legislation, or other conventional means, they confront a political system they perceive as incapable of response or downright corrupt, Taylor says.
Echoing an oft-repeated complaint by activists, Sandoval blames constraining rules that require all those registering to vote to hold a Mexican electoral card, only issued in Mexico.
Activists say that the resulting vegetation loss increases the risk of floods and landslides, and waste byproducts poison streams and waterways.
Thanks to activist judges of all political persuasions, it has largely failed to accomplish that goal.
Many breast cancer activist organizations, including groups involved in the Long Island and Cape Cod studies, have explicitly endorsed the precautionary principle {examples come from New York (Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition 2003), California (Breast Cancer Action 2004), Massachusetts [Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) 2004], and Oregon (Crumpacker 2002)}.
Gore) is more activist than the Warren Court (which invalidated far more state and local laws, handed down the catalytic Brown v.
Independent media activists, Enrique Carigao and Ricardo Leguizamon, began broadcasting TV piquetera in the aftermath of Dec.
Over the summer, activist Conrad Worrill co-organizes a rally in Washington, D.
Ultimately, this biography works both as a narrative and as an activist study.
Jewish activists who sought to breach Israel's Gaza blockade this week said Wednesday that navy commandos treated them harshly when they intercepted their boat, the Associated Press reported.
Rodger Keller 63 An original member of the 1970s activist group Gay Liberation Front; died March 20.
The activist group Teens for Safe Cosmetics helped change a California state law.
With state legislation going against them, "gay" activists will likely focus their efforts on federal lawsuits and activist federal judges to forward their cause.
In Redlands, I learned about an activist named Anne MacMurray who organized opposition to a ballot initiative to put a shining Latin cross back on the Redlands city seal after the American Civil Liberties Union had urged its removal in 2004.