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on active duty

in battle or ready to go into battle. (Military.) The soldier was on active duty for ten months. That was a long time to be on active duty.
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active duty

Full-time service, as in Julian is 81, but he still comes to the office every day and is very much on active duty . This term comes from the military, where it stands in opposition to reserve, which refers to troops still in the military but not actively engaged. It is occasionally transferred to civilian matters as well. [First half of 1800s]
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This study also investigates attendees' perceptions of the entertainment value of the event and the role of attendees' activeness in sports; surprisingly, perceived sponsor-event fit does not influence the impact of either one toward sharing their attitudes toward the sponsored event.
According to the ARGD-EMPS hypothesis, it is envisaged that alcohol consumption, especially during tasks requiring high cognitive control, might result in glucose homeostasis disregulation (1,9,15,18,31-39,51,103) which might lower the activity of the dopaminergic system (15,31-35,37), with subsequent effect on the ACC activeness (9,18,57), leading to low ERN amplitude (1,9,15,18,31-39,51).
Dilthey delineates the culture-creating activeness of mankind in the same work as the all-encompassing "objectification" or "objectification of life" (Dilthey 2002b: 168).
Table 1 Correlations Among Variables for All Subjects (N = 986) Age Gender Social Faith Alcohol Support Activeness Abuse GPA .
Paul's language transcends the classification of persuasive rhetoric and demonstrates the activeness of God in the human social world.
The activeness of hedge funds explains their popularity.
Hejinian writes from a specific domestic spot and with a keen awareness of the activeness of things, to the point where objects are often personified.
Naylor has used the image of "the lone army ant, the wingless queen who cannot fly from danger" (Linden 300) to concretize Willa's activeness and productivity as a female in the familial space and her courageous resolve to face risk.
He and his wife, Lisa, recently initiated a new form of Buddhist practice that brings together the stillness of meditation with the regenerative activeness of planting and nurturing native trees.
He finds a multitude of connotations for "excessive erotics," "balanced erotics," "balanced erotics," "uncontrolled erotics," "successful erotics," "passiveness, activeness and aggressivity in erotics," "dominated activeness," "dominated passiveness," and so on.
While some of Richardson's discussion of ontology is a bit forced in order to fit the pieces into his system, major problems begin in the third chapter, "Value," which is comprised of three main issues: (1) How can Nietzsche's claims about the perspectival character of values be reconciled with the metavalues of power and activeness, which derive from the power ontology.
The threat to masculinity represented by the growing emancipation, independence, and activeness of women has evoked a range of responses in the culture that are mirrored in Hollywood cinema.
What appears to be a contradiction in Damon's view of existence is rather a reflection of activeness and aggressiveness in his character.
INCREASING SOCIAL activeness and persistent efforts to find a solution to adverse critical situations are manifest, among others, in the increased interest shown in statistical information and the growing volume of criticism of it.
Meanwhile, our financial portals, our data and trading systems, and our commodities investment company which is in the transition to a high-net-worth asset management company, have all seen progress in user growth and activeness.