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Through this pilot, DISA is leading the way by showcasing how intelligent identity solutions can bring transformative actionless user experiences to mission critical IT systems.
Many stories try to capture the interior experience of selflessness, of actionless action, of the Pauline "I no longer live but Christ lives in me" (Gal 2:20, NIV).
Montalbetti's Western presents a most taciturn cowboy and tells a paradoxically actionless story.
They are loaded with actions, which, however, oft en appear quite actively actionless or immobile.
shows the dissolvent pampa in the nullity, the white boredom of its characters: wraiths of a spiritual, actionless limbo.
But "waiting" is by definition an actionless act, expressed not so much in motions as in the eyes.
As Sankara writes in one place: renunciation is to be resorted to "because liberation implies steadfastness in the actionless and true nature of the inner self.
Ultimately, though, it could be argued that Eclipse is so static, so actionless, that it draws attention not just to Banville's intricate and "moody" writing but to the novel's membership in that flourishing literary subgenre: the brainy, aging, white male rant.
In her first feature, influenced by the predominantly political films of the 1980's and 1990's, she did not avoid the heavy atmosphere, the characters weighed down by memories of civil strife and of betrayal, the limited space in which the camera moves and the action takes place, but she did manage to make a film that avoided the stock political, humorless, actionless, self-important style of the times.