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I have already discussed these two thinkers above, and will only say here that there is no reason to assume, based on statements of theirs that do not quote or clearly refer to Bhattanayaka, that when Bhattanayaka compares the relishing of rasa to the relishing of brahman he means the comparison to hold in every respect except for that which would have been most obvious to his readers: that the relishing of brahman is an objectless and actionless states of awareness.
Many stories try to capture the interior experience of selflessness, of actionless action, of the Pauline "I no longer live but Christ lives in me" (Gal 2:20, NIV).
Far from being a soul frozen in actionless despair, Macbeth ascends
The almost actionless adventures of a walking club might not sound thrilling.
A struggling screenwriter entrusts his precious script to a longtime friend for appraisal, triggering various leapfrogging conversations and confrontations in "The Blue Tooth Virgin," Russell Brown's witty, engaging, totally actionless talkfest ("Rohmer lite," as Brown pegged it).
(114.) The notion of 'actionless action' common to both the Vedic and Taoist traditions would be close to the position which Hallward attributes to Deleuze here.
affirmative actionless admissions at the most selective universities in
Montalbetti's Western presents a most taciturn cowboy and tells a paradoxically actionless story.
They are loaded with actions, which, however, oft en appear quite actively actionless or immobile.
But "waiting" is by definition an actionless act, expressed not so much in motions as in the eyes.