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Since Garrick would not choose to offend members of either the clergy or the royal household and since he had had remarkable success in creating type characters on stage, we must conClude that Garrick, in writing his manuscript, was simply devising an actable, predictably successful piece.
Her name is Roswitha, a religious of the Dark Ages, whose actable dramas laid the foundations of modern comedy.
Translations into English of Sinhalese and Tamil plays would be useful, though stylized plays are difficult to translate into actable versions.
Nicholas legend appears as a formal, static, and minimally actable Latin text.
In extenuation of the failure it must be said that almost any Englishlanguage production of Racine is liable to come a cropper for lack of actable translations.
Merlin's emphasis on actable choices, vivid imagination and psychological gesture derive from his invaluable work and represents the first time his approach has been incorporated in the casting context.
The majority view is that these texts originated in the attempts by small-part actors to reconstruct from memory actable scripts of plays in which they had once performed.
Sophie Hayden and Gina Leishman, as the wife and sister-in-law of Antipholus of Ephesus, perform their opening scene (one of the most potentially actable in the text) while tap-dancing.