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Tempt's Actable interactive signage solution also offers tracking and analytics to measure results and determine what interactive signage experiences deliver the most effective results.
Using the Actable App, scan this page to watch a video and read an additional article on using process knowledge to improve quality.
Actable interactive signage provides a lower-cost multichannel in-store experience alternative to more expensive electronic kiosks and flat screen displays.
Your first step in experiencing our magazine in a whole new way is to download the Actable App from any app store to your mobile device.
These easy to use and cost effective web filtering products and services help companies reduce liability, help enforce actable network user policies, and can increase productivity.
Using the Actable App, scan this page to hear an advanced discussion on this topic.
Using the Actable App, scan this page to see a video of additive manufacturing in action at Hoosier Pattern.