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I really like silly stuff so, to me, they're all aspects of me that give me chance to act the goat.
Guaranteed to be a fun night out, put your satire on hold and watch a man act the goat.
A PUPIL at a Northumberland school has promised not to act the goat during lessons, after being allowed to bring his nanny goats to class.
At least it gives him less opportunity to act the goat.
Seriously though, we all need someone to act the goat sometimes - there'd be no newspapers otherwise.
Some had last acted as a shepherd in their primary one nativity play, others had appeared on Taggart and more than a few couldn't act the goat if you threw Oscars at them.
Childhood in the 1950s DIVVENT rock the boat Divvent play with his cap Ye naa he'll not like that Yer da's having a kip After a hard day doon the pit Divvent act the goat You've got this place like a pat and can Gan and play ootside Play hopscotch, tin can Or cowboy rides No you can't play tennis with me frying pan You used them marbles like a Tommy gun Al the neighbours had to run You're nowt but a menace I should of called you Dennis Me washing line was entwined Roond the lamp-post Little Ricky next door Was tied up two hours or more I telt his mother He thinks he's Roy Rogers Or the Lone Ranger Naah he never was in danger I'll shout you in when the pie crust is ready There'll be tubs to mend If you act yourself Wor little Eddie.
"It's time to put the satire on hold and watch a grown man act the goat. Come along and enjoy the nonsense," says a show spokesman.
Any player with some semblance of sense would have figured out now is not the time to act the goat at Celtic.
He joked: "As they say it's the only place where a goat acts the king and the people act the goat."
Penalties were a Shackleton speciality and provided him with endless opportunities to act the goat. He once took one against Frank Swift of Manchester City.