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acquit (one) of

To determine that one is not guilty of a crime or other wrongdoing. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked when the jury acquitted the defendant of murder.
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acquit someone of something

to establish someone's innocence of a criminal charge or the blame for some wrongdoing. The investigator acquitted Wally of the charges.
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The accountability court after the written statements of both accomplices and Investigation Officer NAB KP Inayat Ullah Khan issued the orders of acquitting Ghazan Hoti and accepted plea bargaining application.
When policemen used deadly force, even when they shot children who were innocent bystanders, jurors supported the police, exonerating or acquitting nearly every cop who killed while on the job.
THERE is no point in gardai going before juries as they are acquitting gardai too frequently, a member of a complaints body claimed yesterday.
The detention of he accused despite the court of law acquitting them amounts to illegal detention, the petition pointed out.