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acquit (one) of (something)

To determine that one is not guilty of a crime or other wrongdoing. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked when the jury acquitted the defendant of murder.
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acquit someone of something

to establish someone's innocence of a criminal charge or the blame for some wrongdoing. The investigator acquitted Wally of the charges.
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"All six persons have been acquitted by the court, this is a historic decision which will serve as a slap to the persons who wanted to divide the Hindus and Muslims and tried to build a narrative using this in the Parliament.
The top judge continued, "Accused are acquitted owing to false testimonies and then it is said that the court has acquitted them.
But Revilla's lawyer, Estelito Mendoza, said in a statement that since his client was acquitted of criminal liability in the case, he could not be ordered to pay civil damages.
However, Ritikos on September 14, 2017 had acquitted them from an illegal assembly charge, ruling that they had no prima facie case to answer.
While Hussain had been sentenced to five years in jail by a trial court earlier, the Lahore High Court today acquitted him.
Former telecom minister A Raja and DMK MP Kanimozhi were today acquitted by a special court in the 2G spectrum scam case.
Colonel Hossam Al-Shennawy, formerly of the State Security department at the Ministry of Interior, was acquitted by the court Tuesday after he was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia in June 2012.
The defendants were acquitted of a number of more serious charges, including conspiracy to distribute a much larger quantity of crack.
An Albania court has acquitted a former central bank head.
A CATHOLIC priest has resigned nearly two years after he was acquitted of sexual assault charges.
The Criminal Court, headed by Judge Mamoon Abdulaziz, has acquitted a company manager accused of stealing aluminium and steel materials from his sponsor's firm, local daily Al-Sharq has reported.
Summary: A Pakistani man accused of more than 100 counts of manslaughter in the port city of Karachi has been released after he was acquitted in many cases and got bail in the rest, a media report said.
Three were jailed for three years each and the fourth was jailed for 12 months by the National Safety Court, while a fifth man was acquitted.
He accused the leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, of making " thoughtless allegations" against him and said he had never told the committee that Thomas had been acquitted in the palmolein case.
RAWALPINDI, June 10 -- Judge of ATC Muhammad Akram Awan Wednesday acquitted honourably 18 accused allegedly involved in Aabpara, district court suicide attack and district court firing case due to the absence of any concrete proof against them.