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acquit (one) of

To determine that one is not guilty of a crime or other wrongdoing. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked when the jury acquitted the defendant of murder.
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acquit someone of something

to establish someone's innocence of a criminal charge or the blame for some wrongdoing. The investigator acquitted Wally of the charges.
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Casaubon's leaving a copy of himself; moreover, he had not yet succeeded in issuing copies of his mythological key; but he had always intended to acquit himself by marriage, and the sense that he was fast leaving the years behind him, that the world was getting dimmer and that he felt lonely, was a reason to him for losing no more time in overtaking domestic delights before they too were left behind by the years.
Her heart and her judgment were equally against Edmund's decision: she could not acquit his unsteadiness, and his happiness under it made her wretched.
Global Banking News-October 12, 2015--Albanian court acquits former banking official
The chamber acquits Mathieu Ngudjolo of all the crimes against him.
JURY ACQUITS ACTOR HOWELL A jury acquitted actor C Thomas Howell on five misdemeanor counts Tuesday, saying no crime had been committed during his December confrontation with a skateboarder in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-15 March 2001-UN commission acquits Danish peacekeepers(C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.