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acquit (one) of (something)

To determine that one is not guilty of a crime or other wrongdoing. Everyone in the courtroom was shocked when the jury acquitted the defendant of murder. After hearing the prosecution's flimsy argument, the jury has to acquit me of this crime! I thought it was a gross miscarriage of justice to acquit the men of murder, in light of all the evidence connecting them to the scene of the crime.
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acquit someone of something

to establish someone's innocence of a criminal charge or the blame for some wrongdoing. The investigator acquitted Wally of the charges.
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The judge also directed the jury to acquit Rowland and Baxter of a single charge of wilfully neglecting a woman patient.
Prosecuting QC David Hunter said the Crown did not intend to do so, and Judge Burgess then directed the jury to acquit.
Judge Bashir had pronounced the decision under Section 265-K of the Code of Criminal Procedure which empowers a judge to acquit an accused if the evidence against him is insufficient.
Earlier, Surendran, who represented Jayaraj, asked the court to acquit and discharge his client if the prosecution had no intention of pursuing with the case, which was fixed for mention today.
The lawyers pleaded the court to acquit their clients in the cases.
Counsel for Ghazan Hoti informed the court that Raza Ali, in early hearings, told that he had taken the share of Ghazan Hoti but later he submitted the same amount to NAB so in this regard he (Ghazan) could not be tried and he was entitled to acquit under section 265 (K).
While allowing an application jointly filed on behalf of the suspects under Section 249-A (power of magistrate to acquit accused at any stage) of the criminal procedure code, the court acquitted them from the charges of the prosecution for being 'groundless'.
The decision to acquit the accused was based on the agreement.
Maryam Nawaz, daughter of ousted premier Nawaz Sharif, on Friday said that the decision to acquit Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan must have come from 'above'.
Judge Ishtiaq Ahmad accepted an application filed by the accused under Section 265-K of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which empowers the court to acquit an accused before the conclusion of trial if there is no possibility of his or her conviction on basis of available evidence.
Mr Hayat pleaded to acquit his client of the charges, as the same were false and without evidence.
He pleaded the court to acquit the accused keeping in view record of the case.The court after hearing arguments acquitted the accused and disposed of the case.
The defence counsel argued that there was no evidence to connect his clients to the commission of the alleged offence and pleaded to the court to acquit them of all charges levelled against them on the basis of mala fide intentions on behalf of the police.
He pleaded the court to acquit his clients over lack of evidence.
Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked ANF provides facility to the accused so that courts could acquit them.