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acquired taste

Something, especially food or drink, that is unpleasant at first, but which becomes (or will become) more enjoyable over time. I once thought sushi was totally gross, but I've found that it's something of an acquired taste.
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acquired taste

Something one learns to like rather than appreciates immediately. For example, Because it is so salty, caviar for many individuals is an acquired taste, or With its lack of decorative detail, this china pattern is definitely an acquired taste. [Mid-1800s]
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an acquired taste

If someone or something is an acquired taste, you do not like them at first but may start to like them when they are more familiar. Tibetan tea is most definitely an acquired taste. This author is an acquired taste and even her most devoted admirers will find A Spanish Lover difficult to read.
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an acquired ˈtaste

a thing which you find unpleasant or do not appreciate at first but which you gradually learn to like: Whisky is an acquired taste.
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FP (rather than FS) would be deemed to have acquired indirectly Z's shares and, thus, could become a surrogate corporation (to be treated as a U.
Los Angeles, was acquired, with its three subsidiaries, CII Insurance Co.
Existing goodwill and newly acquired goodwill must be assigned to a reporting unit along with other assets and liabilities.
i) Acquired by a financial holding company from a company in which the financial holding company held an interest under this subpart will be considered to have been acquired by the financial holding company on the date that the share, asset or ownership interest was acquired by the company; and
Because the acquired company was a competitor, its people could not be involved until the agreement was signed.
A somewhat different situation prevails when the consolidation is structured so that the acquired organization remains a viable entity.
These exceptions apply only if the stock owned prior to the acquisition was not acquired as part of a plan to acquire a 50-percent or greater interest in either the distributing or controlled corporation.
As soon as possible after the consummation date, management having the appropriate level of authority completes the assessment of which acquired activities to exit and approves and completes the combined company to the plan.
197 intangible asset is only one that is acquired in connection with the taxpayer's trade or business, not necessarily all intangibles newly acquired; see Sec.
Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common microbial pathogen identified in community acquired RTIs, and pneumococcal infections are among the leading causes of illness and death worldwide (3), particularly among children, the elderly, and persons with coexisting medical conditions.
29, the company and its affiliates, American General Property Insurance, American General Property Insurance of Florida and Yosemite Insurance, were acquired by American International Group Inc.
If the firm being acquired has a defined benefit plan, you need to determine whether or not:
Often, the acquiring company has a better credit rating and therefore a lower cost of funds and it can actually enhance profitability by paying back the acquired company debt.
Moreover, if an individual exercising an ISO holds the shares so acquired until death, the excess of the fair market value of the stock over its basis will escape income tax entirely by reason of the step-up of basis at death.