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acquired taste

Something, especially food or drink, that is unpleasant at first, but which becomes (or will become) more enjoyable over time. I once thought sushi was totally gross, but I've found that it's something of an acquired taste.
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acquired taste

Something one learns to like rather than appreciates immediately. For example, Because it is so salty, caviar for many individuals is an acquired taste, or With its lack of decorative detail, this china pattern is definitely an acquired taste. [Mid-1800s]
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an acquired taste

If someone or something is an acquired taste, you do not like them at first but may start to like them when they are more familiar. Tibetan tea is most definitely an acquired taste. This author is an acquired taste and even her most devoted admirers will find A Spanish Lover difficult to read.
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an acquired ˈtaste

a thing which you find unpleasant or do not appreciate at first but which you gradually learn to like: Whisky is an acquired taste.
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