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acquired taste

Something, especially food or drink, that is unpleasant at first, but which becomes (or will become) more enjoyable over time. I once thought sushi was totally gross, but I've found that it's something of an acquired taste.
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acquired taste

Something one learns to like rather than appreciates immediately. For example, Because it is so salty, caviar for many individuals is an acquired taste, or With its lack of decorative detail, this china pattern is definitely an acquired taste. [Mid-1800s]
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an acquired taste

If someone or something is an acquired taste, you do not like them at first but may start to like them when they are more familiar. Tibetan tea is most definitely an acquired taste. This author is an acquired taste and even her most devoted admirers will find A Spanish Lover difficult to read.
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an acquired ˈtaste

a thing which you find unpleasant or do not appreciate at first but which you gradually learn to like: Whisky is an acquired taste.
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(2) Respondents shall not knowingly acquire any additional legal, beneficial, or other interests in the Bank or its successor institution; and
Taxpayers also must capitalize costs paid to another party to terminate (i) a lease of real or tangible personal property (under which the taxpayer is lessor); (ii) an agreement granting the party the exclusive right to acquire or use the taxpayer's property or services or to conduct the taxpayer's business; or (iii) an agreement that prohibits the taxpayer from competing with that party or from acquiring property or services from a competitor of that party.
A financial holding company may not, without Board approval, directly or indirectly acquire any additional shares, assets or ownership interests under this subpart or make any additional capital contribution to any company the shares, assets or ownership interests of which are held by the financial holding company under this subpart if the aggregate carrying value of all merchant banking investments held by the financial holding company under this subpart exceeds:
Unlike section 3 of the BHC Act, section 4 does not apply a minimum age limitation on the ability of out-of-state bank holding companies to acquire savings associations.(7) In addition, once Emerald has converted to a savings association, the minimum operating requirement that applies to the acquisition of banks under Florida state law does not apply.
1980 - Acquires Foundry Service, a mid-volume ductile iron foundry in Biscoe, North Carolina.
Section 355(e)(2)(B) states that a plan is presumed to exist where one or more persons acquire a 50-percent or greater interest in the distributing corporation or any controlled corporations within the four-year period beginning two years before the date of the spin-off.
The management of Glen Burnie ("Commenter") has objected to the proposal, contending that First Mariner does not have the financial resources to acquire all the voting shares of Glen Burnie, particularly in light of Glen Burnie's shareholders rights plan.(3) Commenter also contends that state law would effectively limit First Mariner to acquiring approximately 20 percent of the company's voting shares,(4) and that First Mariner's position as a minority shareholder would cause dissension and disruption within the management of Glen Burnie.(5)
The lease includes an option to acquire the fee interest in 2016.
And Anthem West, an Indiana-based company that itself demutualized recently, is looking to acquire Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas in a sponsored demutualization to strengthen its geographic presence.
Federal-Mogul has also agreed to acquire Tri-Way Machine Ltd., headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and its subsidiary J.I.S.
Perhaps the most common area of controversy and a subject ripe for planning arises when one corporation ("Holding") incurs substantial debt to acquire stock of another corporation ("Target").
"We were able to acquire the property at a very attractive price," said Ashkenazy.
These exceptions apply only if the stock owned prior to the acquisition was not acquired as part of a plan to acquire a 50-percent or greater interest in either the distributing or controlled corporation.(14)
Our experiments demonstrate that approximately six times as many larvae (85.4%) acquire Borrelia afzelii spirochetes from a systemically infected mouse than from a mouse on which an infected nymph is feeding simultaneously (13.6%) (1).
If the option permits the use of stock to pay the exercise price for the option, the employee may exercise the ISO and acquire 400 shares of employer stock, for aggregate consideration of $8,000, by tendering 200 shares.