acquiesce to

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acquiesce to (something)

To yield or succumb to one's requests or demands. After a long negotiation, the company acquiesced to the union's demands. I don't want to relocate, and my husband finally acquiesced to my wishes. Yeah, I acquiesced to the kids' requests for pizza—I didn't feel like cooking anyway.
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acquiesce to someone or something

to give in to someone or someone's wishes; to agree, perhaps reluctantly, to someone's ideas or requests. We are willing to acquiesce to your demands.
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"Decisiveness will be on July 3; either Qatar acquiesces to Arab countries' demands or we will welcome another Qatari ruler," Khalfan said on his Twitter account in reference to the time limit set by the Arab countries for the small Gulf nation to comply with their demands.
While ever a nurse or midwife acquiesces to participating in unpaid overtime or unrecorded time in lieu, the cause of our professions is put in jeopardy.
Any government that acquiesces to the EU Directive, for all intents and purposes, gives up on tax reform.
If the Service acquiesces to Gregg, there may be no reason not to own real estate through an LLC.
Ted Koch plays Happy, who acquiesces to his brother Biff.