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acquiesce to (something)

To yield or succumb to one's requests or demands. After a long negotiation, the company acquiesced to the union's demands. I don't want to relocate, and my husband finally acquiesced to my wishes. Yeah, I acquiesced to the kids' requests for pizza—I didn't feel like cooking anyway.
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acquiesce to someone or something

to give in to someone or someone's wishes; to agree, perhaps reluctantly, to someone's ideas or requests. We are willing to acquiesce to your demands.
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Ted Koch plays Happy, who acquiesces to his brother Biff.
Which employees in the company (if any) are liable for the penalty--the senior tax executive, the tax professional providing the transfer-pricing advice, the return signer (if different from the others), a business unit decision-maker who decides against the advice of his tax department to eschew full documentation, or others who "acquiesce" in the decision?
I HAVE been a dental practitioner in the Hillfields area of Coventry for more than 30 years, and I would like to acquiesce in the stance maintained by the joint executives of the Coventry PCT (Your Say, March 3).
Stop The Clocks includes B-sides Half The World Away, The Masterplan and Acquiesce but is really a Best Of compiled by Noel for the fans.
He asked, "Why should Massachusetts acquiesce in an insidious 'Southern strategy' where civil rights are now to he bartered away on the grounds of sex rather than race?
Mueller blithely assumes that any future Iraqi aggression would be "likely to trigger a concerted multilateral military attack upon him and his regime" and thus "patently suicidal." Excuse me, but there was no multilateral response to Iraq's attack on Iran, and the world would have been all too happy to acquiesce in Kuwait's disappearance had the first President Bush not stepped in and forced the issue.
"They acquiesce and then PETA comes after them again," says Feld, 54, who has run the circus since his father died in 1984.
Cited frequently enough, revenue agents will very likely assert the proposition as though it were a settled rule of law and taxpayers may acquiesce to that view.
"When we realized the IRS would not acquiesce on Thwaites, a group met to ponder whether there was some way to fight," said Mary Ann Rothman, executive director of the Council of New York Cooperatives.
Our guides are reluctant but acquiesce, and we set off on foot.
I also agree that Gordon Brown should let his Christian credentials inform his leadership style, rather than acquiesce to every whim and fad that has infiltrated our communities under the Trojan horse of political correctness.
The public's refusal to acquiesce in attempts to dilute the Freedom of Information Act ought to send a clear message to the Government.
DESPITE refusing to class themselves as a covers band, Acquiesce have no problem admitting that most of the stuff they perform has been done before.
North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said: "They [the Government] will find short shrift from us if they think they can act in this way and then just expect us to meekly acquiesce in their plans to get Sinn Fein into Government.
Vital Statistics Agency, appears to be part of a pattern in our province to acquiesce readily to the gay lobbyists' agenda.