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have a nodding acquaintance (with someone or something)

To have a slight or precursory knowledge of someone or something. Jim asked me to help fix his computer for him, but I'm afraid I only have a nodding acquaintance with how his machine works. Ruth and I had only a nodding acquaintance before going to the party, but once we got talking, it was like we'd been friends our whole lives.

delighted to make your acquaintance

I'm very happy to meet you. After hearing so many good things about you, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Stu. A: "You must be Jenny. It's so nice to meet you." B: "Delighted to make your acquaintance."

make (someone's) acquaintance

To meet someone for the first time. After hearing so many good things about you, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. I heard that she's a very influential producer, so I'm very eager to make her acquaintance.
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scrape acquaintance with (someone)

old-fashioned To attempt to meet or befriend someone, especially because he or she may prove useful to one's needs, ambitions, or desires. He is constantly contriving ways to get into these parties so he can scrape acquaintance with someone from the film industry. It's been interesting to watch the people who tried to scrape acquaintance with her as her political career was on the rise just as quickly dissociate themselves from her in the midst of all this scandal.
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(I'm) delighted to make your acquaintance.

Fig. I am very glad to meet you. Tom: My name is Tom. I work in the advertising department. Mary: I'm Mary. I work in accounting. Delighted to make your acquaintance. Tom: Yeah. Good to meet you. Fred: Sue, this is Bob. He'll be working with us on the Wilson project. Sue: I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Bob. Bob: My pleasure.

nodding acquaintance

Superficial knowledge of someone or something, as in I have a nodding acquaintance with the company president, or She has a nodding acquaintance with that software program. This expression alludes to knowing someone just well enough to nod or bow upon meeting him or her. "Early 1800s]
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scrape up an acquaintance

Make an effort to become familiar with someone, especially for one's own benefit. For example, He scraped up an acquaintance with the college president in hopes of getting his son admitted . This term uses scrape in the sense of "gather with difficulty" (also see under scare up). Originally put as scrape acquaintance, it was first recorded in 1600.
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a passing acquaintance with someone

If you have a passing acquaintance with someone, you know them slightly. To those with only a passing acquaintance he is charming and engaging. Note: You can also say that you have a nodding acquaintance with someone. And of course, he can now claim — after his first summit as head of government — more than a nodding acquaintance with his fellow leaders. Note: You can call a person a passing acquaintance or a nodding acquaintance if you know them slightly. He was no more than a passing acquaintance of Wright.

a passing acquaintance with something

If you have a passing acquaintance with something, you only know a little about it. These days a theatre-goer needs more than a passing acquaintance with science. Note: You can also say that you have a nodding acquaintance with something. We chatted for a little about poetry, with which he showed considerably more than a nodding acquaintance.

have a nodding acquaintance with someone or something

know someone slightly; know a little about something.
1989 Donnie Radcliffe Simply Barbara Bush Their families had lived less than ten miles apart as they were growing up, and their fathers almost certainly had a nodding acquaintance on the golf course.

scrape acquaintance with

contrive to get to know. dated
1992 Atlantic I thought how lucky the Crimms were to have scraped acquaintance with me, for I seldom reveal my identity to ordinary people on my jaunts around the world.
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make somebody’s acquaintance


make the acquaintance of somebody

(formal) meet somebody for the first time: I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Mrs Baker.I made the acquaintance of several musicians at that time.
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have a nodding acˈquaintance with somebody/something

know somebody slightly/know a little about something: I have a nodding acquaintance with some members of the committee.You need at least a nodding acquaintance with the rules of chess to understand the book.

scrape (up) an acˈquaintance with somebody

(informal) try to become friends with somebody because they might be useful to you

make (someone's) acquaintance

To meet someone for the first time: I made his acquaintance at a business conference.
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The frequency of cancer in the neighborhood or in the circle of acquaintances was significantly greater among older children than among younger children.
In Hiroshima Prefecture, the police arrested a 62-year-old assemblyman in Ondo for allegedly paying several thousand yen each to about 10 acquaintances in order to get the votes out for Kensei Mizote, a successful LDP candidate.
You don't really do things like that with acquaintances.
He claims that the "form is particularly appealing for a number of reasons not the least of which is that the reader is treated to information delivered firsthand, as if one had happened in on a large gathering, perhaps a cocktail party of Truman Capote's acquaintances.
Among teenage victims, 15 percent were raped by strangers, 20 percent by family members, and 65 percent by acquaintances or friends.
If the educational purpose of rape law reform has been successful, rapists who victimized acquaintances should be as likely to be imprisoned as those who victimized strangers (the stereotypical rape).
It's all about giving users control of their mobile data - first safeguarding it in case of phone loss and for easy future transfer to a new phone - and then giving users the tools to make the data work for them and their friends, family and acquaintances in a collaborative online environment.
To avoid giving awkward and inappropriate presents to them, check out the list below featuring the Top 5 best Christmas 2014 gifts for acquaintances.
The police are questioning the acquaintances of the deceased to ascertain the reason for the suicide.
In Wednesday's ruling, Presiding Judge Hiroshi Shida said, "The changes in the depositions of the acquaintances could be explained in a reasonable manner, and they are fully trustworthy.
Users can also invite friends, family members, and acquaintances to confirm a relationship status and to join the Web site.
Often the majority of these "friends" are old classmates, acquaintances of acquaintances, and the like, relationships that are fundamentally weak.
PEOPLE in South Shields count fewer than five of their acquaintances as true friends, a survey claims.
He leaves his family, friends and acquaintances with numerous tales of his exuberant nature.
1 never would have thought that those phrases "middle-of-the-road" and "John Bircher" would have become popular synonyms, but more and more of my acquaintances --Republicans and Democrats alike--have called me a "moderate" over the past couple of years.