acquaint (one) with

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acquaint (one) with

To help someone become familiar or comfortable with something. You'll need to acquaint me with the rules of their culture. Can you please acquaint Eric with the new procedure for data entry?
See also: acquaint

acquaint someone with something

to introduce someone to an unfamiliar thing; to become familiar with something; to get to know something; to tell someone the facts [about someone or something]. (See also acquainted with someone; acquainted with something.) It took a month for the new attorney to acquaint herself with the facts in the case.
See also: acquaint

*acquainted with someone

[of a person] known to someone; [of a person] having been introduced to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) We are only acquainted with each other. We are certainly not what you would call close friends.
See also: acquainted

*acquainted with something

familiar with something; able to understand or recognize something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) Tom is fully acquainted with the way we do things.
See also: acquainted

acquaint with

To make someone familiar with something or someone: The next chapter of the textbook acquaints the student with several new concepts. I am not acquainted with the mayor of this town.
See also: acquaint
References in classic literature ?
Persons themselves acquaint us with the impersonal.
One of them, who was on a wheelchair, came up to me and said that he worked there and while we waited for the right person to acquaint us with the place we started talking to him and he explained how he was once a patient and now works as a receptionist there.
Her findings acquaint us with the roles played by students, the teacher and the class monitors, as well as those of the discussion boards.
Within the first 10 minutes of the Coen brothers' latest dark comedy, the filmmakers acquaint us with the curiously obscure, as violent fits are not usually associated with folk music.
Dale's stated goal was to acquaint us with her company on the small screen, yet her work often provides us with the only remaining visual souvenir of assorted choreographies and dancers.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who is an institution and a multi-dimensional personality, and his writings and poetry acquaint us with the essence of life, he added.
The guides told us we'd go out that afternoon to acquaint us with some of the countryside.
A well-earned break from the feasting came in the form of our friendly waiter, who chose to acquaint us with the boutique's arty side.
Taken together, they acquaint us with the issues and the thinking of the EHCN, and focus the reader on current and ongoing problems.
Footage culled from Brower's personal collection forms the backbone of Monumental, a technique that allows director Kelly Duane not only to acquaint us with Brower, the man, but to see the landscapes he loved as if through his own eyes.
And Neale finds plenty of time to acquaint us with the riders themselves, in particular McCoy, American whiz kid John Hopkins and famed Italian rivals Valentine Rossi and Max Biaggi.
These articles will acquaint us with how GPK works, who uses it, and where it is applied.
THIS book is a collection and discussion of certain passages in Clement of Alexandria which acquaint us with the words of Valentinus, Basilides, and their followers.
And one of the great gifts of the church that is designed to acquaint us with God's mystery, according to Thompson, is today's liturgy.
The author, a sometimes notorious journalist, has made an outstanding and successful effort to acquaint us with the facts and the images of a forgotten water, forgotten although Britain fought a famous victory on its shores, the Crimean War.