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acquaint (one) with (something)

To help one become familiar or comfortable with something. You'll need to acquaint me with the rules of their culture. Can you please acquaint Eric with the new procedure for data entry?
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acquaint someone with something

to introduce someone to an unfamiliar thing; to become familiar with something; to get to know something; to tell someone the facts [about someone or something]. (See also acquainted with someone; acquainted with something.) It took a month for the new attorney to acquaint herself with the facts in the case.
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acquaint with

To make someone familiar with something or someone: The next chapter of the textbook acquaints the student with several new concepts. I am not acquainted with the mayor of this town.
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These engaging dialogues acquaint readers with two key African-American thinkers: bell hooks (her spelling), Oberlin College professor of English and Women's Studies and author of Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black, and Cornel West, Princeton University professor of Theology and Afro-American Studies and author of Prophetic Fragments.
NAI, a commercial real estate services provider, will host an exclusive event in New York City on October 1, 2004, designed to acquaint attendees with the emerging trends in the Latin America marketplace and their impact on real estate operations.
The annual award--named after the Nobel Prize winner and president of the board of trustees of Science Service, which publishes SCIENCE NEWS--is presented to "that person who has done the most to acquaint the public with important new scientific developments.' Past winners have included Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Stephen J.
Photos acquaint readers with the Rosetta Stone, a Civil War decoding disk, a coded telegram, a Vigenere square, and automatic keyboard scramblers.
In order to acquaint the MTNA membership with the West Central Division (WCD), following are features of our division.
The sale, according to Rasmusson and Tint, marked the successful culmination of an extensive advertising and promotional campaign to acquaint the builder community and others about the properties and their valuable potential through their zoning for single-family residential development.
They will get acquainted with the progress of work in various fields related to the organization of games.
Upon arrival, the president got acquainted with the art of baking cakes by local housewives, the press service of the head of state reports.
Uzbekistan delegation acquainted the Chinese partners with the priorities of socio-economic development and investment potential of Yakkasaray district and Tashkent.
The ministers got acquainted with the combat training and social conditions of the military personnel, reviewed the new weapons and military equipment available at the military unit, as well as military infrastructure facilities.
Brigadier Morten Henriksen, Deputy Commander of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, said that one of the goals of this visit to this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to get acquainted with the activities of the NATO Headquarters in BiH, as well as the cooperation of military and civilian structures.
Al-Eidani said in a press statement that "SABIC officials in Saudi Arabia will visit the petrochemical plant and they will be acquainted with the Nebras project which is a very large project in coordination between Shell Investment Company and the Ministry of Industry and Basra Governorate, they will also be acquainted with the iron and steel plant, and there could be a partnership between Saudi SABIC and those projects.
Summary: Suspect stopped woman lawyer in shopping mall, wanted to be acquainted with her and sought to sleep with her
The Kuwaiti delegation got acquainted with with establishment and development of the Court of Cassation, said Salem who headed the delegation.