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acquaint (one) with

To help someone become familiar or comfortable with something. You'll need to acquaint me with the rules of their culture. Can you please acquaint Eric with the new procedure for data entry?
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acquaint someone with something

to introduce someone to an unfamiliar thing; to become familiar with something; to get to know something; to tell someone the facts [about someone or something]. (See also acquainted with someone; acquainted with something.) It took a month for the new attorney to acquaint herself with the facts in the case.
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acquaint with

To make someone familiar with something or someone: The next chapter of the textbook acquaints the student with several new concepts. I am not acquainted with the mayor of this town.
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SP (Traffic) Khalid Rasheed, in his special message, read out on the occasion, said that the aim of holding such workshops was to acquaint students with traffic laws while inculcating better traffic sense among them.
Session Acquaints Hispanic Business Owners with Government Contracting Opportunities
These engaging dialogues acquaint readers with two key African-American thinkers: bell hooks (her spelling), Oberlin College professor of English and Women's Studies and author of Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black, and Cornel West, Princeton University professor of Theology and Afro-American Studies and author of Prophetic Fragments.
In addition, the Prime Minister will also visit PJSC "Harkivapteka-2" and he will acquaint with the variety of drugs and prices for medicines.
ISLAMABAD, February 01, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) arranged a road safety workshop at Federal Government Higher Secondary School for Girls T& T on Tuesday to acquaint the students with traffic laws.
Williams, Regional Administrator for GSA's National Capital Region (NCR) "This first-of-its-kind event will acquaint Hispanic business owners with government contracting opportunities, while assisting government agencies in reaching the Hispanic community.
A superb resource manual for anyone needing to acquaint themselves with the basics of common pscyhoactive chemicals.
The bulletin is written to acquaint customers with the safety considerations of using and storing organic peroxides.
In order to acquaint the MTNA membership with the West Central Division (WCD), following are features of our division.
This is an ideal book to acquaint high-school or college students with the rich tradition of American radicalism, and it is a handy guide for leftists of any age.
The sale, according to Rasmusson and Tint, marked the successful culmination of an extensive advertising and promotional campaign to acquaint the builder community and others about the properties and their valuable potential through their zoning for single-family residential development.
The AICPA division for CPA firms private companies practice section published a 10-page pamphlet designed to acquaint small business owners with the benefits of using the many business and Personal services CPA firms can provide.