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Michael Grant said 'I am pleased to welcome the statement by Libya's justice minister acknowledging receipt of a human rights report documenting human rights abuses in Libya and expressing Libya's commitment to address the problems.
The flexible system can also provide automated receipts for customers, acknowledging receipt of repayment cheques.
Further it can also provide automated receipts to customers acknowledging receipt of repayment cheques.
Celtic had already confirmed they were "looking into the claims" and issued a statement acknowledging receipt of Uefa's charge relating to the matter.
Wheeler applied for a sewer connection permit for 75 Fruitland Road and signed the permit acknowledging receipt of his own application fee.
Acknowledging receipt of the WICB verdict today, ICC chief executive David Richardson said: "We are yet to see the whole judgment to put the matter of the punishment into its proper context, but we note the WICB disciplinary committee found the player guilty and has imposed an immediate ban.
Members of the European Parliament want to improve the new procedure for acknowledging receipt of applications for shipments by introducing a step to ensure that the form is correctly filled in.
I RECEIVED a letter this morning from the Dorest area law court acknowledging receipt of my application for renewal of my bookmaker's permit.
Yet I have not received one letter from this 40-strong, all-party committee acknowledging receipt of my letter.
Since Wednesday, its 19th day on Mars, Spirit had sent back meaningless radio noise or simple beeps acknowledging receipt of commands.
The LLC will sign Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions, acknowledging receipt of the property.
The research showed that only a third of companies send out an automatic response to customers acknowledging receipt of their e-mail.
Neighbors got together and signed a petition asking the city for both a signal on one of our busy intersections and a complete resurfacing but have not heard from any city agency acknowledging receipt of our petition.
In the case of a lease, the attachment must be signed by the lessor, the lessee and any agents, and must include a lead warning statement mandated by the regulations; the same information on known lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards which is required in the case of sales; a statement by the lessee acknowledging receipt of the above information and the required pamphlet; and a statement by any involved agent that the agent has informed the lessor of the lessor's obligations and that the agent is aware of the agent's duty to ensure compliance with the regulations.
By giving Contractor "A" the lien waiver, Supplier "B" is acknowledging receipt of payment.