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acknowledge (one) as (something)

To publicly announce or accept that one possesses certain qualities or has attained a specific achievement or result. All she wanted was for her old boss to finally acknowledge her as the new director of the organization. The dissidents refused to acknowledge the new leader as legitimate. No, we're not going to acknowledge her as student council president yet—not until every last vote is counted!
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acknowledge (one) to be right

To publicly announce or accept that one is correct in some position, action, or statement. After a lengthy interview with investigators, the suspect acknowledged the witness to be right. The finance department acknowledged Henry to be right about the accounting error. After further investigation, we acknowledge the homeowner to be right—our company did install a faulty pipe.
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acknowledge (the) receipt of (something)

To recognize, often formally, that something has been received, usually an item that has been delivered. Jason signed a form to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. Did you get a notification acknowledging receipt of your package? They did acknowledge receipt of my resume, but I don't know how long it will take their recruiting team to review it.
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acknowledge the corn

To admit to or acknowledge one's fault, shortcoming, mistake, crime, or naiveté. When they arrested me, I decided I might as well acknowledge the corn and confess to stealing the car. Especially since I was still driving it. Come on, you'll get a lesser punishment if you just acknowledge the corn. Fine, I'll acknowledge the corn—I was a fool to trust him with my money.
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acknowledge someone as something

to agree or announce publicly that a person holds a particular office or station, or that a person has particular qualities. She found it difficult to acknowledge herself as a failure.
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acknowledge someone to be right

to admit or state that someone is correct about something. Bill said that the car was useless, and the mechanic acknowledged him to be right.
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acknowledge something as something

to agree or announce publicly that something is as previously stated. The president acknowledged the statement as the truth.
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acknowledge (the) receipt of something

to report receiving something, such as a package, letter, or notice. The company acknowledged receipt of the merchandise I returned.
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September 11 - Ms Brunton acknowledges a further complaint about Ms Albertides from the Shakespeares and promises to investigate.
Educators would be wise to exercise good pastoral judgement when entering the section of PG called "pastoral practices." This section offers general and practical guidelines for teachers when approached by students who acknowledge a "homosexual orientation." Words like "orientation," "self-discovery" and "homophobic" are used freely.
As discussed during TEI's recent liaison meetings with the Commissioner, officials of the Office of Tax Policy and the Office of Chief Counsel, and separate conversations with representatives of the Office of Professional Responsibility, TEI recommends that the regulations be modified to acknowledge "in-house tax professionals" as a distinct category of tax professionals.
Farley acknowledges another advantage of being part of Toyota: the capability to perform body engineering, which, he says allows them to have "unique silhouettes." "We have probably 50 body types in Japan.
Commensurate with the learning goals for this section, I took the following steps in presenting the topic: (1) acknowledge the importance of the issue; (2a&b) classify the different Christian responses to the issue; (3) identify conflicting methodologies to biblical interpretation as a key ingredient to the differences; (4) recognize that one's specific moral values may not be shared by society at large, or even by other adherents to one's religious tradition.
Gay or straight couples do not need the church to tell them they are blessed but many do want the church to acknowledge that their committed relationships are wholesome and that God's work of sanctification is enabled by that relationship.
When the 'adam acknowledges the new being, the 'ezer, the 'issa, it is based entirely on that which is same.
"It is really important to acknowledge wood champions who are helping to promote the wood cause," WoodWorks Ontario director Marianne Berube.
But Leangen acknowledges that the company did give him his break, as it turned out, letting him develop software which they had licensed but were not developing.
The refusal to grant the child Japanese nationality was in accord with a government policy stating a child born out of wedlock to a Japanese man and a foreign woman may only acquire Japanese nationality if the father acknowledges paternity before the birth.
In making the offer the province acknowledges the hardship suffered as a result of the alternate dispute resolution program put in place in 1996.
* The IRS acknowledges e-filed returns and extensions with an electronic receipt.
In particular, he acknowledges the work of Ann Kale Associates, lighting designers whose talented efforts brought about the illumination of the tower setbacks, George Stonbely, chairman of Clear Channel Spectacolor, who coordinated the restoration work on the globe and the clocks, and Tobin+Parnes senior associate Andrea Dibner, who has worked tirelessly on many details of the restoration over the past two years.
Reiter acknowledges the sensitivity of malaria to climatic influences, and I am sure that he agrees that change in climate will affect risk for transmission--he may be skeptical as to whether global warming will ever become a fact, but that is another question.