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acknowledge the corn

To admit to or acknowledge one's fault, shortcoming, mistake, crime, or naiveté. When they arrested me, I decided I might as well acknowledge the corn and confess to stealing the car. Especially since I was still driving it.
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acknowledge (one) as

To publicly announce or accept that one possesses certain qualities or has attained a specific achievement or result. All she wanted was for her old boss to finally acknowledge her as the new director of the organization. The dissidents refused to acknowledge the new leader as legitimate.
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acknowledge (one) to be right

To publicly announce or accept that one is correct in some position, action, or statement. After a lengthy interview with investigators, the suspect acknowledged the witness to be right. The finance department acknowledged Henry to be right about the accounting error.
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acknowledge (the) receipt of

To recognize, often formally, that something has been received, usually an item that has been delivered. Jason signed a form to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. Did you get a notification acknowledging receipt of your package?
See also: acknowledge, of, receipt

acknowledge someone as something

to agree or announce publicly that a person holds a particular office or station, or that a person has particular qualities. She found it difficult to acknowledge herself as a failure.
See also: acknowledge

acknowledge someone to be right

to admit or state that someone is correct about something. Bill said that the car was useless, and the mechanic acknowledged him to be right.
See also: acknowledge, right

acknowledge something as something

to agree or announce publicly that something is as previously stated. The president acknowledged the statement as the truth.
See also: acknowledge

acknowledge (the) receipt of something

to report receiving something, such as a package, letter, or notice. The company acknowledged receipt of the merchandise I returned.
See also: acknowledge, of, receipt
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No, this motion does not co-opt any future decision by any level of jurisdiction within the Anglican Church of Canada as to how, if ever, it will acknowledge this by a rite of blessing.
He acknowledges that the stilted language of keigo (honorific language used with superiors) is used but says, "I feel I can talk to anyone in the company, right tip to the top; there is professional respect for your job.
While this concept has often implied the displacement of the Jews' own covenant, Bader-Saye wants to restore it in a way that simultaneously acknowledges God's continued and eternal faithfulness to the Jewish people, and emphasizes "the significance of Jesus Christ for all people" (97).
We finally mastered the ways of business," they say, "and now you're pushing us to acknowledge ideas that the old-boy network calls flaky.
Yet others question whether the pacifism implicit in this position adequately acknowledges the experience of those who suffer oppression or military occupation.
It rakes in hundreds of millions a year, yet sometimes it's hard to find a single gay man at a party who acknowledges knowing who Ken Ryker is.
Tate acknowledges that these novels have been largely ignored because critics and readers have not been comfortable reading what amounts to a black novelist's displacement of his or her own personal anxieties onto unconvincing white or mixed-race characters.
The overall picture, as Lindley acknowledges at the outset, is a mixed one.
He is a critic, but a "connected" or even a "friendly" one, who cheerfully acknowledges his own indebtedness to the university, not only for his paycheck and the classrooms in which he teaches, but even for the professional mode of inquiry and exacting standards of judgment by which he finds it wanting.
Roach lays a controversy regarding the origin of the spirituals to rest when she acknowledges the contributions of the larger society and their songs, hymns, and miscellaneous music to the African American spirituals.